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The future of white label VPN - Guest Blog

20 Mar 2023, 17:24 GMT+10

The number of internet users has been snowballing. With each passing day, internet users worldwide are becoming more familiar with how fragile their privacy and security are on the world wide web.

Due to such revelations, most internet users conclude they would need to use a virtual private network. Not long ago, VPN was a tool that big organizations only used to hide and encrypt their internet traffic and keep their internal network confidential. However, that is not the case today as VPNs have become a must-have tool for internet users, and especially since COVID, the VPN market has seen a massive surge.

The Growth of VPNs in Recent Times

Since the demand for VPNs has grown over the past few years, the supply should also match that demand. And to fill this gap, the number of players selling VPN solutions has also increased. One of the most popular ways of creating a VPN business during current times is with White Label VPN solutions.

White Label VPNs and Their Success

Starting a VPN business with a White Label VPN solution is considered a brilliant move, and several reasons exist behind it. One of the main reasons is that a White Label VPN service is an almost production-ready application you can use to build your VPN brand; it is effortless to set up and only takes a few minutes to roll out.

White Label VPNs are seeing remarkable growth, and several factors significantly affect their towering success. For example, VPN sellers love that the complete distribution channel of a White Label VPN solution is transparent to the end user, and the distributor has control over the entire operation. The distributor mainly helps the end user with questions related to support. Still, from the end user's point of view, the distributor is in charge of setting up, deploying, maintaining, and billing.

The Future of White Label VPNs

Numerous factors lead different experts and us in the VPN industry to believe that White Label VPNs have a bright future. Now, let's take a look at some of these factors.

Higher Margins

One of the main reasons many people are expected to get into the White Label VPN business is high margins; the White Label VPN business model allows you to follow your business strategy. This means you can either sell all categories of your services or specialize in a few. By selling on your terms, you are free to set your margins while reselling the VPN services, and in most cases, these margins are high.

Easy Entry

Another reason White Label VPN services are expected to grow even more is that the entry for a beginner is straightforward; there are no barriers such as setting up the infrastructure, managing costs, recruitment, and R&D.

This means anyone entering the market will learn the business quickly and be fired in a few days. Since the VPN company handles all these aspects of a VPN business, the distributor or the seller gets more time to focus on other things, such as marketing and branding.

Virtuous Collaboration

The resources available for the VPN distributors to grow their business are among the leading factors for the success of White Label VPNs. The distributor is like a partner for the VPN owner, and the industry expands for the distributor; the business also grows for the owner, which is why most White Label VPN companies provide excellent resources to the distributors. Other than technical considerations, the distributor also gets access to sales tools, deployment teams, and marketing and branding resources.

Final Note

All these factors add up and make a lucrative deal for the VPN distributor, which is why so many people are starting White Label VPN businesses. As technology progresses, even more people are expected to enter this market, so it would be safe to say that White Label VPNs have a bright future.

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