Tue, 21 Mar 2023

In this day and age, fitness programs, plans, and even products are available wherever you turn. Anyone who's looking to lose weight nowadays has the option to choose from indoor and outdoor public or private gyms to various elaborate weight loss plans and dietary supplements. And while all of these products are excellent for dieting and keeping one's body in shape, people still seem to struggle greatly with successfully reaching their fitness goals.

But why is that? Let's find out.

Busy lifestyles

One of the most commonly stated reasons why people give up on pursuing their fitness goals is the fact that the majority of us nowadays lead very busy lifestyles. However, while there certainly is some truth in this claim, this is simply not a good-enough excuse. In the past, people didn't have access to all of the technological advancements and breakthroughs we have today. But they also didn't have access to distractions such as social media, unlimited streaming services and the internet. So, while it is true that our lifestyles have become somewhat busier, the fact of the matter is that people also like finding excuses wherever they can.

How to tackle the issue: If you wish to start improving your fitness levels but are struggling with finding the time to commit to it, do know that every little effort counts. So, try walking or riding a bike to work, try to squeeze in at least 30-minute walks every other day and avoid spending your free time sitting as much as possible.

Increased stress levels

Another common culprit is stress. Yes, according to research, the stress levels of an average American citizen have been on a noticeable rise since 2022, but that doesn't mean this should be used as an excuse. Physical activity and exercise are known to be some of the best tools for battling stress and improving overall mental well-being.

How to tackle the issue: The next time you feel overly stressed or overwhelmed, try going for a short run. Chances are you'll notice a big difference in your mental well-being once you're done. If running isn't your jam, try to engage in some other form of physical activity that will help you take your mind off things and thus help reduce your overall stress levels. Chances are you'll notice a big difference in your mental well-being once you're done.

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is something the majority of people struggle with. And this particularly becomes obvious when exercising and fitness are concerned. Many people state that they get severely discouraged from even trying to engage in some sort of physical activity or embark on a weight loss journey due to the sheer fear of not being able to see the process through. All of the 'what if's are sometimes more than enough to prevent people from even trying, which certainly only promotes both poor physical and mental well-being.

How to tackle the issue: To avoid setting yourself up for failure before you even give exercising a shot, try to approach it with an open mind. Treat it as something you're only looking to try out and see how much and if you like it in the first place. If the answer, in the end, is no, you can always choose to try something else instead.

Lack of commitment

The lack of commitment to anything is the biggest motivation killer. Needless to say, the same applies when physical activity and exercise are concerned. Unless you're ready to fully commit to a goal and honestly give it your best shot, you can't really expect to achieve favorable results. If you go into it with a mindset that it probably won't work, then that will most likely be true. However, if you choose to fully commit to reaching your goals and really doing whatever it takes, you'll notice positive results sooner than you think.

How to tackle the issue: Find your motivation and commit to your goals. Don't allow yourself to talk yourself into not even trying; instead, enter the process by telling yourself that you can do it. Make a list of all the reasons you wish to improve your fitness levels in the first place, and use that list as a gentle reminder of why giving up should not even be an option.

With all that said, it's easy to conclude that people who struggle to reach their fitness goals most commonly don't have a good enough excuse. Of course, it's always easy to tell someone to just go ahead and try, but actually giving it a shot is something entirely different. So, if you find yourself struggling to reach your fitness goals, try to do some prep work beforehand. Set clear goals, find your motivation, create your own workout plan and try to stick to it as much as possible.

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