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Nine Things a Coin Collector Must have

05 Jul 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

Collecting coins might seem old school, but it is an exciting and fruitful hobby. You might even get your coin investment back once you have collected many coins, and you decide to give it up as a hobby. It is an educational interest, and you learn much about the history of countries through their currency.

Moreover, coins have an added metal value, which is increasing by the minute all over the world. But to maintain and nurture this interest in collecting different types of coins from all over the world, one needs to have a set of accessories to maintain the coins; otherwise, they will lose their shine and luster and become worthless over some time.

Nine essential that a coin collector must have:

For everything to be maintained well, we need to invest time and proper tools. Only then can we add value to our collection or hobbies.

1. Coin tubes

Coin tubes are generally hard sort of plastic cylinders with the same diameter as the coin is stored. It is a convenient choice for people who do not want to place their coins in a coin album. It is useful for collectors who have numerous coins. These coin tubes are quite sturdy. They are also airtight and do not waste away easily.

2. Coin albums

For coin collectors who wish to 'showcase' their coins and keep showing them around to people, a coin album is the best choice. Coins can be stored in individual slots in such 'folded' albums. Collectors can organize their coins in any order they wish to.

3. Microscope

It is a beneficial tool for coin collectors. One can examine their coins through a magnifying glass but there are many things that cannot be closely observed without a microscope. have listed the best models that manufacturers have designed for digital and portable microscopes for coin collectors.

You may find the best one here It is typically a small tool and can easily be stored or carried anywhere and be used for a few hours with a battery.

4. Coin Reference Guide

A coin reference guide can be genuinely beneficial to novice coin collectors. These guides enable collectors to determine the origin of rare coins. You can even find coin reference guides online. There is even a study of a collection of coins termed as 'numismatics.'

5. Coin Tongs or Tweezers

For handling coins regularly, the usage of coin tongs or tweezers is an appropriate choice. Try to take hold of the coins by the rim instead of grasping it by the face while using tongs. The face will remain undamaged if you pay particular attention to such details.

6. Cotton Gloves

Always ensure not to touch the coins with bare hands. Metals can react to chemicals and oils on one's skin unknowingly. While handling your coins, always wear soft cotton gloves as they protect your hands as well as the coins from deteriorating over time. If this is not taken care of, discoloration of metals can lower the value of the coins.

7. Soft Cotton Cloth

If the coins are being displayed regularly, it means we collectors have to be more inclined towards their maintenance too. For this purpose, the usage of soft cotton cloth is recommended for gentle wiping of the coins.

8. Padded tray

Padded trays are generally used to display or sort coins. The cushion helps the coins stay where they are, thereby reducing the constant 'wear and tear' of coins.

9. Weak soap

It is vital to keep your coins clean. Otherwise, the residue is going to keep collecting on them, and they will ultimately lose their value. There is no need to use tap water and a detergent to clean your precious coins. Instead, use distilled or soft water and a weak soap. For coins that get severely grimy over time, they can be soaked in olive oil.

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