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People look for affordable and energy-efficient lighting alternatives for their homes for a compelling reason: these options save power bills while also addressing the problem of non renewable energy sources. About 90% of all energy use is derived from non-renewable sources. By far the most energy-efficient lights on the market, EternaLights are now available at hardware and home goods stores due to their growing popularity. Due to how severely they operate differently from standard light bulbs, many people are still confused by these innovative light bulbs, which is unfortunate.

What is the EternaLight?

An innovative self-charging emergency light bulb was created by a renegade scientist who understood that the government was not going to solve the issue. It is saving families hundreds of dollars, but more significantly, it is saving hundreds of lives.

A NASA-inspired lithium-ion battery with solar panels that can recharge it powers " The Eternalight," which keeps the lights on even when the power is gone.

Families around the nation claim that Eternalight reduces their power costs by up to 80% when compared to traditional light bulbs.

The Eternalight has been tested and shown to be better for the environment than normal light bulbs, so it not only protects you and your family…

It also preserves our environment. Because of the handle mechanism, you can take the Eternalight everywhere you go (inside or outside of your home).

How does the EternaLight work?

Eternalight uses proprietary LED technology to illuminate your house for 50,000 hours, an 8X longer period than conventional light bulbs.

The mad scientist came up with a "light saver that saves lives and saves money" after observing millions of people living in darkness and hundreds perishing during blackouts.

Thanks to its cutting-edge battery pack that can be charged by solar panels, the Eternalight keeps your house lighted. This implies that even if your electricity is out for several weeks, your home will still have a dependable supply of light.

How do I use the Surge Emergency Light Bulb?

Utilizing the Surge Emergency Light Bulb is quite simple. To place your orders, just click the associated link in this article. You may also place additional orders for your family. Make sure you accurately enter your information. then watch for your Surge Emergency Light Bulb to arrive.

Your purchase will come with the socket base already attached. You may use them with the base or screw them into single-pole light switch-controlled light sockets. They operate exactly like standard light bulbs. When the power goes out, the lights come on. The light bulbs start charging as soon as the electricity is restored.

Now that you are protected against power outages, you may go to sleep with your eyes closed. Simple!

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The Surge Emergency Light Bulb: Where Do I Use It?

The Surge Emergency Light Bulb may be used wherever you'd like; all you have to do is screw it into the socket and you're good to go! It can be utilized in;

∙ Entrances

∙ Staircases

∙ Outside

∙ Garage

∙ Bathroom

∙ Kids reading room.

∙ Outdoor sheds.

What are the benefits of EternaLight bulbs?

A must-have light bulb during a power outage, storm, or hurricane is EternaLight, an auxiliary power that activates automatically when there is no electricity. Candles and flashlights are not required. On a single charge, the Eternalight can emit light for up to 8 hours. The Eternalight bulb may be recharged using a solar power system during a power outage.

∙ Is there a power outage? There is no problem. The EternaLight's built-in battery will power every room in your home for up to 6 hours.

∙ With no cables, hassles, or hefty price tag, having an EternaLight is comparable to owning a costly emergency generator.

∙ EternaLight may be hung outside throughout the day or plugged in like a regular light bulb; either way, it will start charging itself right away.

∙ Over 50,000 hours may be spent using the EternaLight continuously. That is equivalent to an eight-times-longer light bulb.

∙ Due to its solar charging mechanism, the Eternalight is perfect for traveling or camping. Never again will you have to be bothered about batteries or power outlets. It also includes a hook and may be used as a work light, to decorate the backyard, or for camping lighting.

Features of EternaLight

Eternalight is fitted with three solar panels for quicker charging. The internal battery charges through routine use or exposure to light.

The applications have grown as a result of the increasing intensity and cheap cost. The LED is constructed comprised of a pair of leads and a plastic body wrapped around the LEDs and the semiconductor, allowing light to be emitted through the bulb plastic. Contrarily, the majority of LED bulbs have a circular form that aims to concentrate the light in one area. Standard LED bulbs don't depend on voltage and don't need to be maintained over time.

∙ Four bright white Nichia LEDs from Nichia (or LED color combinations). ∙ On average, LED lights last 50,000 to 100,000 hours or longer.

∙ As the battery runs out of juice, the dazzling white light never turns yellow. ∙ There are several distinct operating modes available on microprocessors. ∙ All variants come with strobe displays and adjustable-rate flashes.

∙ The microprocessor controls power loss and lengthens battery life.

∙ AA batteries cost little and operate for 500-700 hours.

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What Benefits and Drawbacks Do Surge Emergency Light Bulbs Offer?


∙ It uses very little energy.

∙ It may go on for more than six hours.

∙ dual purposes: routine and emergency.

∙ battery that is rechargeable.

∙ Auto-on and auto-off.

∙ technology for smart LED bulbs.

∙ Very inexpensive.


∙ not offered on the market.

∙ Surge Emergency Light cannot be purchased in a physical location.

∙ exclusive to the official website.

∙ There are only a few stocks left.

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Surge emergency light bulb specifications. Review of the Surge emergency bulb

∙ 800 lumens from a 9 Watt LED

∙ The LED lifetime of 25 hours

∙ input voltage of 120 VACS

∙ using 80% less energy

∙ LED Bulb that Saves Energy

∙ Self-Charging Battery Built-In

∙ Long-Duration Backup Light

Is EternaLight Safe and Legit?

Absolutely. They perform similarly to regular light bulbs yet use 80% less energy. Oh, and they also last 8 times longer. It's an easy decision.

Your EternaLight will always come on in an emergency, keeping you from being trapped in the dark.

Purchasing EternaLight from Original Defense can help anyone's family feel safer during blackouts and other emergency situations.

Where can I get EternaLight

Through their official website, you may purchase EternaLight. To save 67% and retain the security of your house during blackouts, natural catastrophes, and any emergency, click the button below.

How much does an EternaLight Cost?

Primary Defense Portable and solar-powered EternaLight emergency light bulbs turn on when there is a power outage. Functions Like A Standard Light Bulb,

∙ Price for 1 EternaLight emergency light bulb: $31.00 (was $39.95). (You economized 22%) + $8.52 for shipping

∙ The current price for 4 EternaLight emergency light bulbs is $64, down from $159.80 (you saved 60%), plus shipping is free.

∙ 8 EternaLight emergency light bulbs, for $104.00 (was $319.60), that's a 67 percent discount, with FREE SHIPPING.

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Every light in your home is always on, no matter what is happening outside. 100% GUARANTEE: If the power goes off, your lights will stay on.

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Customer Review

∙ "I enjoy the Eternalight because I detest stumbling about in the dark in my garage when the lights go off. I nearly tumbled down the stairs during the most recent storm because I tripped. I'd had it. Because you never know where you'll be when the power goes out, I now have everlasting darkness in almost every area of my house. Every light bulb in

America should be replaced with this item!" Jenny D.

∙ "Knowing that we have a backup plan in place in the event of an emergency or storm that takes out the electricity helps my husband and I sleep well at night. Additionally, my wallet adores the Eternalight since it helped our family save nearly $400 this year and saved us $27.13 last month." Sandra P

∙ "Despite Eternalight's superior technology, I had the impression that using it would be challenging. However, all I have to do is plug it into any available socket in my home, and the room is instantly illuminated. I don't see why someone would switch back to conventional light bulbs after using the Eternalight for six months." Jarod M.


1. How long does it take the solar panel to completely charge?

Solar charging might take up to 8 hours to complete. It takes around 4 hours for a fixture to fully charge using direct current.

2. How much battery backup does it offer in terms of hours? Are there any signs that it is charging?

The light will remain on for 4-6 hours after the power is turned off. There is no sign that the device is charging.

3. Is the hanger included? Where can I find a new "hook" if I misplace the one that came with it?

Each bulb purchase comes with a screw-on hanging hook. There is no separate sale of hooks.

4. In how many bulbs does a pack come?

Each EternaLight box contains one bulb.

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