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Top 5 Applications of Small OLED Display Technology

05 Jul 2022, 19:24 GMT+10

Organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, technology is one of the hottest smart display technologies on the market. Thanks to its superior efficiency and thin profile, this type of display is used in everything from wearable devices like smartwatches to high-end smartphones-and for a good reason. Small OLED displays are highly versatile and offer a range of benefits for use in various applications.

The simple fact is product designers and manufacturers are always looking for new solutions that allow less power consumption with higher quality results for the consumer. With small OLED screens, the balance is just right to boost product usability while lowering operating power consumption, allowing for a broad range of applications.

What are the Outstanding Advantages of Small OLED Displays?

The point of new product technology is to elevate the lives of consumers. These consumers are the target market that will use the product the most. With small OLED displays, you can enhance the user experience through:

  • Smaller form factor:OLED screens are thinner and lighter than other displays, which means they can be used to create smaller devices. This makes them ideal for wearables, VR headsets, and other portable electronics.
  • Lower power consumption:OLED screens use less electricity than LCD or LED screens because they don't require backlighting as LCDs do.
  • More flexibility in design:Because there aren't any backlights required for OLED displays, manufacturers have more freedom when designing their products around them. They can be curved around the edges of a device without affecting their functionality too much, giving designers a whole new range of possibilities for user experience.

The Multiple Applications of Small OLED Displays

It is easy to see why small OLED displays are used in so many applications. Small OLEDs are flexible, thin, and lightweight, which makes them perfect for wearables like smartwatches or fitness trackers. Small OLEDs also consume very little power and have a long lifespan compared to LCD screens that need constant refreshing using a backlight. Because they use less power than conventional LEDs, they can run on batteries much longer than traditional display options. That allows newer product innovation and use cases like:

  • Smart Home Appliances

Smart home appliances can be equipped with small OLED displays, which are very thin and lightweight. They can be placed on a device and provide information about the current status of your dishwasher, washing machine, or other smart appliance.

  • Smart Wearable Equipment

The more compact form factor inspires a greater range of wearable technology, from smartwatches to fitness trackers to heart monitors. The point is the flexibility and customization of different square OLED displays that are already changing the landscape of modern display technology: smart life is always by your side, with simply a glance at your wrist.

  • Industrial Console

Small OLED displays are used in industrial consoles because of their high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. OLEDs also offer extremely low power consumption and can be made flexible or transparent to fit the needs of the system that they're being built into. These features make them perfect for use in industrial systems where space is limited, and visibility must be as clear as possible.

  • Game Consoles

Small OLED displays are ideal for game consoles and have been since their inception. The reason is simple: OLED displays use less energy than LCDs and can be made flexible, making them the perfect fit for a gaming console that needs to be portable. OLEDs are also thinner, making it easy for manufacturers to build them into smaller devices without giving up quality or performance.

  • Photography Equipment

Small OLED display screens have become increasingly popular in the photography industry over the past few years. They are now used in cameras, lenses, and even flashlights. OLEDs' high contrast ratio makes them ideal for photography equipment because they can show images with deep blacks and bright whites without needing to compensate with additional lighting.

Try the Small OLED Displays on Sale from FET

One of the best OLED manufacturers in the world, FET, has created solutions for different small OLED use and applications. This includes:

  • FET 0.96' Smart Home Appliance OLED Displayis an excellent solution for integrating into everything from smart toothbrushes to smart bracelets for tracking biodynamic body information. This is a monochrome PMOLED solution with an extremely wide viewing angle and a matrix of 128 x 64.

  • FET 0.49' Smart Wearable OLED Displayuses a monochrome PMOLED display with 64 x 32 resolution, perfect for smartwatches and other wearable technology. This is another FET product with exceptional viewing angle capabilities that can hold its operations in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for hot summer outdoor activities and winter sports like skiing.

  • FET 3.2' Industrial Console OLED Displayis a passive matrix small OLED display that has a rectangular design. That makes it perfect for medical equipment, home appliances, and industrial solutions. The anti-glare ensures operations experts in the field will be able to quickly view and receive data, even in the brightest of sunlight.

  • FET 1.77' Game Console OLED Displayis a square design using 262 K colors and 65K colors. That, plus the decent resolution of 160 x 3 x 128, allows for a more in-depth gaming experience that will not soak up the battery usage faster than consumers can enjoy their immersive entertainment on the go or at home.

  • FET 2.4' Photographic Equipment OLED Displayprovides all the resolution and quick response time needed in modern image capture and design. With a strong environmental resistance, photographers can snap all the photos they need and then review critical data to ensure each shot is using the correct settings and structure.

Finding Quality Small OLED Displays with FET

Since 2010, Forfuture Electron Technology (FET) has provided some of the highest quality optoelectronic display technology available in the industry. The company's ability to walk the line of innovative R&D while also meeting the demands of current small OLED display market trends is why so many return and referral clients seek FET's product line. To experience the superior customer service at FET, visit the website or schedule a consultation with the support and sales team.

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