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The best PS4 controllers you can buy in 2022

01 Jul 2022, 06:24 GMT+10

The original PS4 controller requires a considerable budget. Turning to other brands can be a great alternative. But which one to choose? This comparison of the best controllers tries to answer that question!

The PlayStation 4 is a worldwide success: slick graphics, great games, and a controller that's still going strong. Over the years, the DualShock has grown, evolved and improved, just like these pads with the arrival of the PS2's analog sticks, the PS3's wireless, the PS4's touchpad and LEDs. Small selection of the best controllers for PS4 that you can find on the market!

1. Razer Raiju Ultimate

The high-end PS4 controller

The Razer Raiju Ultimate Wireless Controller for PS4 is very comfortable to use while offering excellent performance. Its buttons are very responsive and precise in game, and it has the luxury of offering a directional disc and customizable joysticks. In addition to customizable triggers and almost perfect ergonomics, it comes with a carrying case. The only thing that remains is its price, which is prohibitively high and comparable to its alter ego, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate on Xbox One, which reserves it for professional gamers.


  • comfortable.
  • Very responsive.
  • Transport box.
  • Interchangeable sticks and configurable triggers.
  • PS4 and PC compatible.


  • Prohibitive price.
  • Quite high weight.

2. Hori Onyx

An alternative PS4 controller to the DualShock 4

The Hori Onyx is an excellent alternative to the official Sony controller. Here too, the manufacturer has opted for an asymmetrical layout for the analog sticks. This pad is a sort of fusion of the qualities of the PS4 and Xbox One controllers: the reactivity and precision of Sony, the design and ergonomics of Microsoft. The finishing is neat, and we appreciate the grip on the back for more support. The triggers have also been reworked, and offer more flexibility and response. As a wireless controller, you will have to recharge it from time to time. But don't worry, a full charge will allow you to play for 6 hours straight. Enough to keep you going.


  • The position of the sticks, original.
  • Beautiful finishes.
  • Precise controls.
  • An honest autonomy.


  • The price of a DualShock 4.
  • Some latencies to report.

3. DualShock 4 V2

The best value PS4 controller

Called DualShock 4 V2, the official PS4 wireless controller is a must-have reference. Since the very first PlayStation, Sony's model has been working very well, and its constantly improving ergonomics is unparalleled and becomes PC compatible. Moreover, its precision shows no fault, the controller is light and pleasant to hold, the directional cross is effective and the triggers are perfectly positioned. Only the quality of the sticks' coating is lacking, as it wears out quickly.


  • PS4 and PC compatible.
  • Impeccable ergonomics and finishes.
  • Reactive and precise in game.


  • Sticks coating that tires quickly.
  • A PC compatibility sometimes random.

4. Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2

The original PS4 controller

Some purists of the Japanese firm Sony will surely choke on the fact that such a wired controller exists, but it is not without interest. The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 has the particularity of offering mini-sticks positioned in the same way as an Xbox controller. In addition to the advantage of getting back into the habits of players with a Microsoft console, it also offers well thought-out ergonomics, a comfortable grip, adjustable weight, and reactive and precise keys and sticks. The only thing left is the price, which is hard to justify.


  • Comfortable.
  • Very responsive.
  • Compatible with PS4 and PC.


  • Wired version only.
  • Rather high price.

5. Nacon Compact Controller

A PS4 controller with an original design

Nacon doesn't just do high-end products. The manufacturer also offers cheap alternatives to the Sony DualShock 4. For once, this controller opts for the wired connection: so there are no problems with battery, charging time, or latency. The arguments are numerous. The 3m cable is long enough to be able to sit comfortably on the sofa, and not be curled up on the carpet. Then we find the intrinsic qualities of the PS4 pads: a good reactivity, an operational touchpad, intense vibrations, and a top grip. The icing on the cake is that the transparent controller is equipped with LEDs for sensational lighting effects. It's a great way to show off during gaming parties with friends.


  • Advantages of wired connection (no latency, no battery, etc.).
  • Accurate and fast controls.
  • An original and fun design.
  • A small price.


  • Confusing grip.
  • Fragile triggers.
  • More information: click here

If your faithful DualShock 4 ever goes out of business, you know that the market offers many viable and efficient alternatives. Whether you're a demanding pro gamer, a wireless lover or on the contrary a defender of the wired connection and Xbox ergonomics, you'll find what you're looking for with these five controllers for PS4.

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