Sat, 20 Aug 2022

We all understand the importance of working out. Right? We know that exercising is immensely critical for a healthy body and mind. Yet, we forgo exercise, claiming excuses like not having the time or means to do exercise. Isn't this far from the truth? We always have time for exercise because the simplest yet effective form of exercise doesn't require much effort. We are talking about walking!

Walking every day for 30 minutes, especially in the morning Sun, is tremendously healthy and can bring about positive changes in your life. Unfortunately, the pandemic reduced the time people went on a walk due to long working hours and staying indoors. However, the pandemic also showed us how essential our health is, and walking on your terrace every day can do the trick. Start gradually and increase your timings to make walking a part of your daily routine.

Health benefits of walking every day

  • It helps work your muscles

Walking works your muscles just like any other exercise. Have you ever noticed how much pain you have when you come back from a taxing walk? It's similar to doing cardio in the gym for an hour. Right? Walking works on your glutes, calves' muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps. When you walk uphill, the front muscles of your legs work, while the back-side muscles work when walking downhill.

Doing this every day strengthens the legs and increases their endurance. All this leads to strong legs, making it easier for you to exercise or walk on compact treadmills.

  • Walking enhances your mood.

There are days when we feel sad or on edge. Sometimes we know the reason; other times, we don't. During such times, we eat a piece of cake or chocolate and feel guilty later. Instead of binge-eating, go for a walk. It can be on your terrace or in the garden. Even a 15-minute walk can perk up your feelings, lift your spirits, and improve your mood.

It modifies your nervous system completely when you go on regular walks and not just when you are feeling down. Thus, the anger and hostility you feel decreases, reducing the feeling of depression or stress. Lastly, walking enhances your mood when you go on walks with your partner or friends, as social interaction automatically lightens your mood.

  • Walking decreases your stress levels.

Are you someone who stresses a lot? Is chronic stress making you unhealthy? If yes, start walking every day. When out in nature and walking, you give yourself a break from the harsh realities making you stressed. Thus, encouraging mindful habits and helping you manage your stress.

  • It aids in weight loss and burning calories.

When you walk consistently, you will see a difference in your clothes. It becomes lost due to inches and fat reduction. If you are eating healthily, weight loss will become easier as you walk. To enhance the same, chart a route that includes hills so you can walk both slow and fast. Another thing that makes walking a good aid for weight loss is it increases metabolism. So, continue to walk every day, even if it's just from home to office and work to home.

  • Walking reduces your chances of heart attacks.

Heart attacks and heart diseases are becoming the number one reason for death globally. If you are suffering from heart problems or have had one heart attack previously, it's time to start walking daily. A good 30-minute walk can ease heart disease symptoms, making it healthier.

  • Walking alleviates joint pain.

Walking every day improves mobility and range of motion. It happens because walking increases blood flow to the tense area, thus, strengthening the joint muscles. Even a 10-minute walk daily decreases your chances of arthritis pain and disability.

  • Walking delay presence of varicose veins

Varicose veins are a disease that you can get as you age. However, if you walk every day, you can prevent its early onset.

Starting today, it's time to walk every day. The significant changes it will bring will make your life happier, healthier, and perfect. It also makes you closer to nature, and being around nature frees you from troubles, anxiety, and stress, helping you lead a better life.

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