Sat, 20 Aug 2022

The greatest supplement to hit the market is one you probably haven't heard of yet. There is a supplement that is vegan, good for you, and helps the planet. This supplement is called an algae supplement. If all this sounds too good to be true, then you need to keep reading! Algae supplements have a variety of benefits, nutrients, and interesting facts that make them your new favorite supplement.

1. A Healthy Heart

Algae supplements are made to support your heart health. Algae Omega-3 is the main active ingredient within algae supplements. When it comes to your heart, algae Omega-3 is there to support its function. Algae Omega-3 not only benefits your heart's functions, it specifically targets the support within your cholesterol amounts and your blood pressure. By maintaining healthy levels in each of these categories, your heart is supported in its daily function and overall well being.

2. A Healthy Brain

Another benefit that comes from the algae superfood is the benefit of supporting your brain health. This category is broken down in several ways. With algae supplements, your brain and your nervous system are supported in their functioning. Algae Omega-3s come with the necessary power to target your brain's function, performance, and processing. Algae supplements are geared to support your cognitive functioning, helping you to feel as though your brain fog has improved, your ability to think clearly has sharpened, and to support your overall brain health.

3. Healthy Bones

If you're concerned about the daily demands that your day puts on your body and your bones, look no further than algae supplements. The active ingredients within algae supplements are meant to provide you the support you need for better bone health and bone strength. Your body is the very organism that carries you through life, carries the burden of your stresses, and allows you to participate in the things you know and love. Without strong bones, how could you do any of those things? Algae Omega-3s are designed with your bone strength in mind. If this is an area of your life and your body that you need support in, try algae supplements.

4. Healthy Eyes

It's no secret that without healthy eyesight you cannot see and your life could be sorely impacted from the effects. By taking an algae supplement, you are supporting your eye health. Omega 3 DHAs are the necessary nutrients that impact the eye's ability to see in a variety of light conditions. Algae supplements contain this very ingredient. If you want your eyes to be supported, no matter the light condition, try taking algae supplements.

5. Better Absorption

Algae supplements have 50% better absorption than the other leading supplements. The other leading supplements are:

  • Krill oil
  • Fish oil

The reason algae supplements have better absorption is because rather than consuming Omega 3s within fish and krill, you are consuming the direct source that those fish and krill also get their Omega 3s. What is the direct source, you might ask? Well, it's algae. By consuming algae Omega 3s, you are getting the benefits from the nutrient right from its origination, rather than from the species that consumed the algae. This means that you are getting the most nutrients from your supplements as possible.

Other Great Benefits

In addition to the main benefits mentioned above, there are some other fantastic positives that come from algae supplements. Feel supported in each of these ways from your algae supplement:

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Performance
  • Immunity
  • Brain
  • Eyes
  • Nerves
  • Heart
  • Joints

Algae supplements have the potential to properly support you in each of these categories. If you'd like to experience the benefits of algae supplements, you definitely don't want to hesitate on trying them. After all, who could resist all of these benefits?

How it Helps the Planet

Last, but certainly not least, it's important to note that algae supplements help the planet. How? Well, the algae used in algae supplements is actually farmed on land. This means that the oceans do not have to be robbed of the nutrient rich and environmentally necessary algae. By farming the algae on land, you save the ocean from losing everything it needs from its naturally occurring algae. To go an extra step, the water used to farm the algae is actually salt water. Once it's used, it can also be recycled. How great is that?

Try an Algae Supplement Today

Now that you know way more about algae supplements than you did five minutes ago, you need to add this superfood to your pantry. There are so many different benefits to be gained from algae supplements. Try them out today.

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