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What Goes into Making a Music Video?

28 Jun 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

Ever wondered what goes into the making of a music video? How do artists and video makers decide how they want to portray a song? If you are a newbie in the field, the question may be running through your mind.

This article provides a detailed overview of the various aspects involved in the music video production process and how you can go about it. Whether you are a band or a recording artist looking to promote a single song or an album, Gear Seven music video production has you covered. Continue reading this article to learn what goes into making a music video and how Gear Seven can help you.

Why make a music video

When you listen to a song, the original video of the song may be running through your mind, and you keep associating the lyrics with the scenes from the video. Music videos are a definitive visual representation of the song. They provide a multi-dimensional experience, so you not only listen to the song but also see it.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that a song and its video go hand in hand. A video not only helps promote a song, but how an artist chooses to visually represent their song says a lot about them and their music. Whether you decide to do a live performance or record an upbeat dance display, a music video can help you boost your visibility and exposure.

But how is a music video made? Let's find out!

What goes in the making of a music video

In this section, we will look at the various aspect of video production. The Gear Seven music video production process entails a pre-production phase, whereby the vision of the video is determined. It is followed by the creative and execution phase and then the post-production phase, which refers to the editing of the music video. Let's learn more about these processes in detail.


The first step in video production is to sit down with the client and find out their vision or expectations from the video project.

The video production company also needs to consider the generic cost estimates, the target audience, the video's timeline, and the video's intention, whether the video is a promotional release or meant for any other purpose.

Creative decision making

Once we have the primary vision to work with and a budget estimate, the next step is to create creative alignment with the client so that they are on board with all the creative steps involved in the process. This would entail the following.

Drafting a concept or a story on which the song visuals can be based

Whether the idea is to create abstract visuals or work with a story to complement the music or the lyrics, making a storyboard and compiling a shot list is always a good idea. It gives a clear picture of the shots that need to be captured during the filming process. It may also provide an idea of the time it will take to make the video.

Determining the look and style of the video

When you have a clear vision of how the video is supposed to turn out, it becomes easier to determine its visual aesthetics and style. While the creative concept should be open for modifications until the editing phase, it is better to have a direction to work with. It is because when editing, the song's pace and the editing process can impact how the video will turn out.

Choosing the video location and characters

Once the video concept has been worked out, we can choose what kind of and how many locations we need to shoot the video. It may include seeking formal permissions depending on the nature of the location, i.e., whether it is public or private.

If the video concept includes characters, the next step is to find the right people for the job. Alternatively, if the video only includes the artist or band members or does not have any characters, the step can be skipped.

A Gear Seven music video production puts considerable focus on the planning phase so that all the kinks are worked out, and the production phase is run smoothly.

Production phase

When it comes to the execution phase, the first step is to consider the equipment that will be required to shoot the video, including the camera, the lighting gear, the sound equipment, etc.

Other considerations include the selection of props if required for specific scenes. Production companies also need to figure out the hair, costume, and makeup situation if the video has actors or artists.

There are several possibilities to shoot a video, and the chosen methods depend on the nature of the video that is required to be shot. For instance, if it's a live performance, various cameras need to be used to capture multiple angles.

Editing the music video

It all comes together in the post-production phase when the video is edited. Here is what a Gear Seven music video production editing phase looks like.

Since the storyboard is already sorted, we have a clear picture of what we have to work with. When it comes to editing, the visual indicators on the song tracks are used to achieve the transition from one shot to the next and complement the beats of the video. If a particular shot needs to be consistently returned to in the video, it is lined up over the audio and merged with other shots from there.

Throughout the editing process, the creative vision of the video is at the forefront. Most of the work is carried out according to the pre-planned process. However, editing is a creative process, and if there is room for improvisation that can produce better results, the Gear Seven is ready to embrace the change and go with the flow.

Final remarks

Making music videos is challenging as well as exciting. Ideally, a music video must be entertaining, concise, and a perfect reflection of artistic abilities. Filmmakers are faced with the challenge of working with a certain set of constraints, including a timeframe, a pre-defined tone, dialogues, or lack thereof.

At the same time, it gives filmmakers a chance to unleash their creativity and turn the challenges and constraints into an opportunity to exhibit their creative genius. Gear Seven music video production is the perfect blend of creativity and professionalism and is reflected in all the work done till now.

So, if you want a creative visual depiction of your music that complements your work and speeds up your song or album promotion, Gear Seven is just a call away.

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