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How to Make Strata Meetings Easier?

28 Jun 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

Strata housing has become a way of life in Canada, and meetings are a critical aspect of strata schemes. In many regions, schemes are required to arrange at least one meeting of legal owners per year. It is because all critical decisions are made by the owners or their representatives in strata meetings, including area rules and committee members' appointments to oversee the complex and financial decisions.

It is thus pertinent to run a smooth strata meeting so that owners are accommodated and the meeting is run efficiently.

However, the world has changed over the past few years, and so has our way of doing things. Our world has become tech-savvy, and this has benefited businesses and individuals in the times of the pandemic as we transitioned online. However, even as life has resumed normalcy, many changes are here to stay and have become a standard practice.

The transition has extended to our local communities, as virtual strata meetings are increasingly becoming a norm to provide continuous support for managing and conserving the community.

While communities are adapting to the practice of having virtual strata meetings, it is also overwhelming for many who feel unprepared for the change. If you also feel apprehensive about conducting virtual strata meetings, do not despair, as CondoVoter is here to help.

The online voting and virtual meeting service is the perfect solution for holding successful virtual strata meetings and assists in eliminating proxies. It is the platform you need to cater to the needs of your community.

Let's look at the critical aspects of a strata meeting and how CondoVoter can aid you in this regard.

The challenges and critical aspects of a strata meeting

Strata meetings can prove to be an arduous task if not conducted effectively. Luckily, with CondoVoter software solutions and tools, you can accomplish the task without any hassle.

In a standard meeting, the property owners come together to discuss critical issues, make important financial decisions, appoint committee members to manage the community affairs, and so on.

However, the meeting can drag if the conversations become lengthy and digress to less critical issues. Too much time may be spent on unnecessary debates or lengthy presentations. This can result in the oversight of important issues and time wastage.

Another issue in the case of strata meetings is the presence of the required number of individuals to make a quorum. However, with virtual meetings, individuals not physically present can easily attend the meeting regardless of where they are and cast their vote.

Additionally, it is also important to see that the agenda of the meeting is followed through and all critical aspects are catered for. Overlooking even a single significant issue may leave some stakeholders unsatisfied and have future implications.

Then we have the issue of voting in meetings. Owners in strata are entitled to vote on creating or changing bylaws, approving budget and fees and expenditures, etc. As the practice of holding virtual meetings is becoming common, owners now prefer to cast their vote virtually rather than relying on proxies.

Agreeably, holding successful virtual strata meetings can be a challenge, but the process can be easily manageable with the help of CondoVoter software for condo association management. If you have been tasked with arranging the next strata virtual meeting, here is how you can benefit from partnering with CondoVoter.

How can CondoVoter help you

With CondoVoter, the process of conducting a seamless virtual strata meeting is easily possible. The software complements existing procedures while facilitating maximum participation from all members.

You can conduct an efficient and smooth owner's meeting and voting by relying on the owner's virtual portal, with assimilated candidates' profiles, customized balloting, and simultaneous voting updates.

Let's learn how you can achieve this

Participants' registrations and meeting invitations

It is important to have equal and fair representation and participation from all owners in a meeting. However, gathering all stakeholders and sending invitations can be challenging and time-consuming. That being said, you can leverage the CondoVoter software with newly integrated tools for the purpose. It will simplify the process for you and help you save time as well.

The software can be configured to send automated notices and reminders to the members. This ensures that invitations are sent and the quorum is met before time. You can also add new participants easily through the candidate submission portal.

Seamless meeting execution

The CondoVoter software assists in screen sharing so that all participants can be up to speed about what is being shared in the meetings. The service package may also include assistance through moderators who can act as neutral third-party to ensure transparency in meetings and that all participants get an equal chance to have their say.

CondoVoter also offers moderated question and answer sessions to ensure all interactive aspects of the meetings are executed effectively, and owners can communicate their concerns and queries.

Virtual voting

As a critical strata meeting aspect, it is important to ensure that the voting process is conducted with transparency and privacy legislation is complied with. CondoVoter assists in the e-voting process by ensuring transparency from beginning to end and offers checks and balances throughout the voting process.

The e-voting process entails the owner's verification, audit records, and vote-documented history. Therefore, as a meeting facilitator, you can be assured that the voting procedure is transparent, secure and accurately followed through.

Additionally, the real-time results dashboard offers instant insights into how the voting process is faring. You can get updates about the registration, meeting quorum, and the progress of the voting process. The CondoVoter software thus provides visibility into all the relevant aspects of the meeting, including the polling results.

CondoVoter also offers optional meeting minutes, which you can send out to the attendees in follow-up emails.

Final remarks

So, if you are looking for an effective digital platform to conduct your next virtual strata meeting, you can rely on CondoVoter for the best virtual meeting and electronic voting services. This rapidly growing service is the solution you need to conduct hassle-free and effective strata virtual meetings.

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