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Go Green, Go Solar

27 Jun 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

Utilizing alternative fuel and energy sources such as renewable energy is essential to sustainable development. It is imperative that planned as well as current development meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs as the world continues to evolve and the population continues to increase. This is because the world's population has been increasing exponentially. Since there is an inherent shortage of petroleum-induced fuel, gasoline, and natural resources with fewer fuel alternatives available, in today's time, the world has come to a point where man has had to search for other fuel sources. As we see automakers moving to alternative fuel and electric vehicles- electricity is not only expensive but scarce, with the raw materials- mostly nonrenewable sources depleting with time. Therefore, solar power is already being used by a growing number of environment-conscious consumers throughout the globe, and an increase in this investment is only beneficial in the interest of civilization at large.

As a matter of fact, the sun is the most reliable and long-lasting energy source, and it can be harnessed to generate electricity that can be used to power the biggest of vehicles. Although solar-powered automobiles are not yet ubiquitous, as research and technology speed up, these vehicles are becoming an option even for consumers who prefer to travel self-sufficient.

Since these environmentally friendly automobiles are equipped with solar batteries for vehicles and lithium batteries positioned on the roof, they can get their power from the sun. The energy from the sunshine sets electrons in the semi-conductor panels free, which causes a flow of electrons that results in the production of electricity and powers the battery. The solar batteries for vehicles have the capacity to store any extra power that is generated throughout the course of a bright day and then draw upon that stored energy either at night or on overcast days.

Solar batteries for vehicles are both kind to the environment and peaceful to ride in. They produce no emissions since they don't make use of nonrenewable resources or consume fuel in their operations. Electric motors produce energy, which does not contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases or any other forms of pollution. These automobiles are less noisy than those fueled by traditional fuels, which are also less likely to pollute noise.

The availability of energy is not difficult. Solar batteries for vehicles get their electricity, although in a roundabout manner, from the sun, which never stops shining and offers an infinite supply of energy. Because they are so efficient, the solar panels can generate and store additional horsepower for the car.

Powering automobiles with solar energy has numerous amazing benefits:

  1. Using solar batteries for vehicles means fossil fuels (scarce resources) will be utilized less.
  2. Solar energy is inexpensive.
  3. Solar energy doesn't generate pollution.
  4. Solar energy would never go out.
  5. Unlike conventionally powered automobiles, photovoltaic automobiles have no fuel expenditures and a minimal cost of repairs.
  6. Possessing aluminum and lighter-weight materials, solar-powered automobiles operate quicker and more gently than gasoline and diesel automobiles.

If you want to buy a solar charging system for your automobile, you can visit us at TradeMasters VehicleSolutions. At Vehicle Solutions, we have options (below) from which you can select the one you wish to use on your RV vehicles.

TradeMasters Vehicle Solutions

For over 31 years, the Fraser Valley has relied on Trademasters, a family-owned and -operated business, for superior quality towing accessories and goods.

Our dedication to you comprises the following:

  1. Fully qualified and certified mechanics install trailer and vehicle accessories.
  2. You can trust the quotation we provide since it is straightforward and detailed.
  3. Straightforward recommendations for your car


The Weekender ISW System is a full RV power solution that combines our biggest single Sun-powered system with our best-selling inverter (depended on sine waves sine wave inverter. The end product is a potent and cost-effective method of bringing most of your home comforts with you wherever you stop over an intend to stay. It has the same components as the SOLAR EXTREME and SOLAR ELITE kits so that you can charge your batteries from either AC power from the shore or solar power.

Yes, Let's Go! Although a smart converting charger is not provided with this, the system may be readily adapted to work with your car's factory unit. With adding on additional EXPANSION KITS, the WEEKENDER ISW* may be converted into a permanent system (up to 570 watts).

To get the most out of this, we recommend using either 200Ah of AGM battery power or 100Ah of lithium battery power.

Charging System, Solar Elite (380 WATTS)

Full-time RVers will find the Solar Elite System to be the perfect power solution. This system is identical to our SOLAR EXTREME in that it has the solar panels, inverter, mounting gear, and smart battery necessary to charge from either solar or shore power.

Two high-output solar panels provide a combined 380 watts of solar charging power, which is enough to provide continuous power for a charge of 18+ amps for at least eight hours. Our 2000W charger, solely depended on the sine waves with transfer switch is also included in the Solar Elite package.

The maximum amount of solar power that may be used with this setup is 570 watts. You may extend your weekend camping trip and relax in comfort without using a generator.

We recommend a 400Ah AGM battery or a 200Ah lithium battery for optimal performance.

System for Solar-Powered Rapid Charging (570 WATTS)

With its combined solar panels and inverter, the Solar Extreme is Go power most !'s powerful setup. Powering up to 3000 watts of appliances or devices at once, this system can recharge your battery bank at a rate of 27 AMPS PER HOUR under optimal conditions. The Solar Elite also comes with a 3000W Inverter Charger, a multifunctional device that provides 3000W pure sine-wave AC power, a battery charger, and a transfer switch.

This bundle allows you to charge from either solar panels or shore power, and it also lets you plug into standard 120-volt outlets. With a SOLAR EXTREME system, you may live completely independently of the power grid without sacrificing your pleasures.

Powerful 400Ah+ AGM batteries or 250Ah+ Lithium batteries are recommended.

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