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Benefits of Online Gaming that You May Not Be Aware of

27 Jun 2022, 21:24 GMT+10

There are some actual and real benefits of online gaming, despite the games gaining negative reputation and being blamed for many social issues. Today's gaming industry has reached a level where advancement in this sector also leads to entertainment, sports, and also making money. With the increased easiness for people to gain internet access, more and more people are drawn to the online game. They are no longer restricted to enjoying PC games or console games. In fact, people today have the absolute freedom to choose whatever game they like. So, what are the real perks of playing games online?

Encourage Interactivity

People are basically social creatures that need to interact and communicate with other people. With online gaming, you can actually hone your communication skills. Today's games require players to stay connected to their team mates - either by text words (you have to type) or by voice (you can communicate with a headset). You probably don't know it, but communicating with other players in the game can hone your skills. Even if you are an introvert, for instance, you can still communicate with others. Many of these online games encourage interactivity and enhance communication. Basically, if you need a comfortable place to practice, you know where to do it.

Improve Multitasking Skills

You may not realize this, but one of the benefits of online gaming is to improve your skills in doing multitasking job. If you are engaged in a fast-paced action games or Idn Poker, you need to act fast. Not only you need to complete the mission, but you are required to do so in the safest manner possible. You need to come up with a plan, coordinate with team member, and regulate tasks to the competent person. In most cases, you need to stay agile and solid under pressure. When you are under attack, for example, you need to have a plan while trying to defend yourself and your team, and try your best not to fail.

There are actually studies that show online gamers to have good observation skill. Because they are 'trained' to strive under pressure, they are able to develop plans and find solutions as fast as they can. They are also known to have good coordination, especially between hands and eyes, which can actually be a good skill in real life.

Manual Dexterity Improvement

Do you know that playing online games with controller can actually improve your hand's ability? On a study involving a group of surgeons, the researchers learned that surgeons who played online video games were able to perform advanced procedures faster and they made fewer mistakes when compared to surgeons who don't. Studies also show that special games can be used for physical therapy. It helps stroke victim regain their hands and wrists control during therapy.

Emotional Control

Emotional management is crucial in our daily and real life, so it is one of the many benefits of online gaming.Emotional control management is crucial; not only for kids, but also for adults. Sure, games are fun and exciting, but let's not forget that they can be frustrating too. Can you fail doing mission while playing games? Sure, you can. Will you have to repeat the process again and again? Yes, it is possible. In most cases, players are faced with surprising or unexpected events that hinder their success. In this sector, online video games can help the players develop skills like:

  • Building resilience and determination
  • Learning how to deal with stress. Players need to know how to calm themselves and think straight. Hot head won't help
  • Managing, regulating, and controlling emotions. They need to learn not to give in to anger or disappointment

Teamwork Building

Playing online games can also great to teach you about teamwork. In today's online games, missions must be completed with a group of team working together. Not only you learn about picking the right personnel to handle certain tasks and distributing them properly, but you also learn about coordination and collaboration. You learn about peer-to-peer relationship. You learn about understanding behavior and empathy. You learn about working together.

Staying Engaged

When you are bored or having to go through mundane routine again and again, it leads to your mind being disengaged. It can lead to mental stagnation. Often times, we find ourselves having nothing to do. This is the time when games can step in. They can fill in that vacant and disengaged mind of ours with activities and busy-body things, so you will stay alert.

Many people state that these games rely greatly on (short term) memory, but they can help improving long term memory too along with other crucial skills. Concentration and focus, for instance, is another aspect that can improve when you are playing online games.


As you can see, playing games isn't always bad. There are some real benefits of online gaming, as long as you know how to make the most of it.

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