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Companies That Design Logos

11 Jun 2022, 01:24 GMT+10

Over the past couple of years, the number of companies that design logos has quadrupled. However, business owners, aka clients, still complain that the company did not do a good job of designing its logo. While there can be various reasons for this, it is often because the company either didn't put in the time needed to understand the business or they don't employ expert designers. Regardless that's not the outcome any business owner wants because it wastes both time and money.

Before you choose a company to design your logo, it's essential to browse through their portfolio. Examine their work with other brands and compare them to other similar companies. The best companies, like Kukoo Creative, have experience working with influential brands, and their examples are often stylish, modern, and well thought out. However, the work shouldn't be overly similar across all the logos designed. If you see similar-looking logos in a portfolio, this is a sign that they don't have as much experience, or they are slapping together templates, both of which aren't a good sign.

Companies That Offer Multiple Concepts

Some companies that design logos offer multiple concepts as part of their logo design packages, but that's not necessarily a good sign. Many of these companies use pre-made clip art designs, which means that they'll never produce a logo to your satisfaction. Even if they do by some miracle, it isn't going to be entirely original work.

Generally, the number of logo concepts should be two or three. Most companies will offer this because they have multiple logo designers, and each designer will design one concept. That way, clients get a lot more variety.

However, it is worth hiring companies that design logos that offer unlimited revisions. That said, it is always best to communicate clearly with your designer or the company so that you are satisfied with the finished product. More revisions often mean more time, and good communication can reduce the time it takes to produce a good finalized logo.

Custom Logo Design Versus A Template

You may have seen logo design templates on the internet and thought they were pretty good, but you should avoid using them for your own business. You see, a logo template is a template. Anyone on the planet can use them, and most of them are very basic and flat. That is not the way you want your logo to be. Your logo is your brand identity, and you want to be sure that it is unique and stands out. If your logo looks like one for a dozen other companies, you're going to lose your edge. Plus, you will find it nearly impossible to get it trademarked.

A logo design template will not provide you with an original design. Instead, a logo template will be generic and consequently a poor representation of your business. While you can easily change the font, colors, icons, and more on your own, they are, in essence, not designed with your business in mind.

A bad logo will only make your business look unprofessional. As a business owner, you probably intend on spending a lot of money on building it. You will spend money on advertising, branding, etc. That's why you don't want a logo that isn't an accurate representation of your business.

A Custom Logo Design

Unlike a template, a custom logo is designed from scratch, with a client's specific brand requirements. The process is divided into different phases, each with its deliverables and goals. Here are some basic steps to creating a custom logo:

  • Identify your business' target audience

  • Define your brand image

  • Create a mood board

  • Choose your logo format (AI, EPS, or PDF)

To narrow down your audience and ensure an accurate representation, graphic designers prefer to see examples of what you like, so show them as much information as possible, including providing color and size information.

A custom logo is designed to communicate your brand identity to potential customers. While a custom logo design may seem expensive, it is a worthwhile investment for any business. Not only will it boost your business's brand image, but it will also strengthen its image in the minds of your target audience.

A good freelance logo designer or companies that design logos will communicate with you through email or phone. This approach will make it easier to refine the logo according to your preferences.

So, while getting a custom logo designed for your business isn't going to be cheap, it is worth the investment. However, you want to make sure to hire the best company you can afford.

Avoid Cheap Companies

Paying $50 for a logo often means you'll end up with a modified template. After all, you get what you pay for. Good logos take time to craft, and companies that design logos often put in hours of work before delivering a logo concept. Sometimes it could mean days of work, which is why the resulting logo is so impactful.

When you factor in the time it takes to design a custom logo, it isn't hard to see that you're paying for the time involved. Expert logo designers aren't cheap, so the companies they work with need to charge top dollar to ensure that clients are more than satisfied with the outcome.


Choosing a logo design company may take weeks, or it can even take months, depending on your industry and the type of logo you want. However, the company you choose should be familiar with your industry. The experience should be evident from the portfolio of logos they have designed for businesses in your industry. If you don't like the logos they show you; it may be time to move on to the next company. It is not worth wasting your time with a seemingly low-priced company that does not have the experience needed to craft your business's logo.

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