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Looking for welding gear? Look no further. Sydney Tools has everything you need to do great work whether you're a veteran on the welder or a weekend warrior.

To form a junction on a workpiece, welders and soldering tools are employed. Welding helmets, gloves, blankets, and other safety gear are made to resist the glare, sparks, spatter, and heat created during welding to protect employees and prevent damage to equipment and surfaces. Welding tables and accessories support the workpiece to increase welding productivity and precision.

Below is the following welding equipment usually used in Australia.

3m speedglas 100v skull welding helmet

The Speedglas 100 series benefit you from Speedglas' superior optical quality and consistent light-to-dark switching at a reasonable cost. With a striking Trojan Warrior graphic design, the Speedglas 100 graphic auto-darkening helmet combines exceptional performance and protection.


  • Made in Sweden, with an industry-leading 3-year lens warranty.
  • Significant influence on Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1337)
  • Grind function in extra light shade 3 with high impact rating
  • Upgrade plates can be used to boost dark shades.
  • New delay timer (set your dark to light return time)

Air Carbon Arc Cutting & Gouging

Air carbon arc (CAC-A) gouging and cutting removes layers of material from a metal workpiece without damaging the underlying material. This process is commonly used to cut metal, remove defective welds, and prepare surfaces for welding. An air carbon arc electrode is inserted in the jaws of a compatible arc-cutting torch, and the torch is connected to a power supply that provides current to the electrode. The operator uses the torch to bring the electrode near the workpiece to generate an arc that melts the meta. Top of Form

Filler Metals

When heat is given to metal workpieces, filler metals melt to supply material for connecting or fixing them in welding, brazing, and soldering operations. Alloys for combining comparable metals in MIG (inert metal gas) welding are included in welding wire. Stick welding electrodes include alloys for joining similar or dissimilar metals in SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) tasks.

Fume Extraction Equipment

Fume extractors and fume extraction systems remove potentially hazardous welding and soldering vapors from the welding area. They assist in maintaining a clean work environment, preventing damage to welding equipment, and preventing employees from inhaling air polluted by welding smoke and fumes. Mobile or portable fume extractors are ideal for training centers and job sites where welding equipment is brought to different areas for small welding tasks. Stationary fume extractors are permanently installed in facilities where large workpieces are welded, or a high volume of welding tasks are typically completed.

Gas Welding Equipmen

Gas welding equipment, commonly known as oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene welding equipment, cuts and joins workpieces using oxygen and fuel gases. Unlike arc welding, gas welding does not require electricity and may be used to weld a wide range of metals. At the tip of a gas welding or cutting torch, an oxygen and fuel gas combination is ignited to form a high-heat flame, and the heat from the flame welds or cuts the material. Gas welding rods provide filler material for creating secure joints between two surfaces in gas welding tasks.

Plastic Welding

Plastic welding is commonly used for manufacturing or repairing plastic parts. Plastic welding tips attach to a compatible plastic welder or heat gun to focus and direct hot air to a plastic workpiece. The heat melts and fuses material from the workpiece and a plastic welding rod to create a strong weld.

Welding Cable Grounds and Accessories

Welding cable grounds ensure your welding machine is grounded before welding to prevent breaks in the electrical current during the welding process. They help prevent electrical shock, protect welding equipment from damage or malfunction, and ensure that enough heat can be produced to create a high-quality weld. Welding cable connectors and lugs create secure connections between the welding cable and the welding machine and can also be used to connect two lengths of welding cable to create a longer cable.


Arc Welding Cable Reels

Use arc welding cable reels from Grainger to help maintain control of your arc welding cable and keep your workplace safe. Single and dual cable reels can stand up to the hazards that come with welding, including damage from heat, flame, electricity and water.

Welding Cable Connectors

Grainger carries a line of quality welding cable connectors that are designed to stay snug and resist shorting. Cable connections with rubber boots are fully insulated and have outstanding conductivity ratings, which can assist ensure maximum power transfer. Stick welders can utilize the electrode holder and cable kit.

Welding grounds

Find high-quality welding grounds at Grainger. When you're welding, it's critical to have the right equipment in order to keep your workplace safe. Making ensuring your connection is grounded is one of the most crucial components of welding. Welding grounds can assist keep you safe by preventing electrical current interruptions. Grainger has a large selection of welding accessories to keep you safe on the job.

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