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Ways to Help Rohingya Refugees

27 May 2022, 02:24 GMT+10

The Rohingya are one of Myanmar's many ethnic minorities, with an estimated population of one million at the start of 2017. The Rohingya Muslims, who live in Rakhine state, make up the majority of Muslims in Myanmar. They claim to be descended from generations of Arab traders and other nationalities who have lived in the area, and they have their own language and culture.

The children garnered the most attention when hundreds of thousands of terrified Rohingya migrants began pouring onto Bangladesh's coastlines and paddy fields in August 2017. Nearly 60% of the refugees crossing the Myanmar-Bangladesh border were children, who brought with them accounts of terrible violence and brutality that had compelled them to flee.

At the end of August 2021, Bangladesh had over 890,000 Rohingya refugees in its Cox's Bazar District, with roughly half of them being children. Those fleeing attacks and unrest in 2017 joined over 300,000 people already in Bangladesh from prior waves of migration, making Bangladesh the world's largest refugee camp.

Reason for Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingya refugee crisis is a human rights and humanitarian disaster that has seen a dramatic rise in numbers while access and resources have decreased in just one year. The violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State has impacted over 1.3 million refugees and host community members.

The Myanmar government and the Rohingya people have different religious and ethnic identities, which is the sole cause of clashes and violent attacks. Myanmar has been a British colony since the 1800s. During British rule, Rakhine's Muslim population exploded, doubling in 50 years.

World War II caused a substantial divide in the people of Rakhine State. Many Buddhists in Rakhine supported the Japanese, whereas Muslims supported the British and their allies. Following the war, Myanmar gained independence from British rule in 1948. Rakhine State's Muslim majority soon revolted, demanding equal rights and autonomy.

After the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) claimed responsibility for attacks on police and army checkpoints in August 2017, hostilities erupted in Rakhine. ARSA was declared a terrorist organisation by the government, and the military conducted a merciless campaign that destroyed hundreds of Rohingya towns and displaced nearly 700,000 Rohingya people.

At least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in the first month of violence, which happened between August 25 and September 24, 2017, according to the international medical charity Doctors Without Borders. Myanmar's security forces are also accused of killing civilians fleeing the country and placing land mines near border crossings used by Rohingya refugees fleeing to Bangladesh.

Since early 2018, Myanmar authorities have reportedly destroyed abandoned Rohingya villages and farmlands in order to build dwellings, security bases, and infrastructure. Rights activists think that these adjustments are being made to accommodate communities other than the Rohingya in Rakhine.

About Ek Plate Biryani - A Great Organization To Make The Lives Better Of The People of Rohingya

The Rohingya people are in severe need of basic necessities such as food and clean water. Rohingya people are being denied everything they need to live a decent life as they are forced to reside in camps in another nation. In 2017, a few water samples from the Rohingya refugee camps were taken, and astonishingly, 92 percent of them were found to be significantly contaminated with hazardous substances.

The Rohingya people have extremely limited access to water, and what little they do have is unclean and infected with disease-causing viruses and germs. The Rohingya people's condition is severe, so we must appreciate our privilege and help the besieged Rohingya people, who have already suffered greatly.

Let us team up with Ek Plate Biryani to help the Rohingya people live in safety and get access to fundamental requirements. Giving to charity is the best way to accomplish this. Sadaqah Jariya is a Rohingya donation. Sadaqah Jariyah is the ultimate level of getting rewards, which continues to benefit the donor even after death. Why not combine earning a huge sum of money with contributing to humanity's well-being?

Ways to Help Rohingya Refugees

We implore you to donate everything you can to Ekplatebiryani because every penny you give has the power to save countless Rohingya lives. Your contributions will assist us deliver food and water to Rohingya people through various programs like hand pump installation. Through our Rohingya hand pump project, we have already had a major impact.

Why not combine the best kind of charity with Sadaqah Jariyah in this perfect combination? Donate now to help install hand pumps that will supply safe drinking water to Rohingya refugees for years to come.


The Rohingya people are suffering, and it is our responsibility as human beings to support them with what we have. It will help them if we can take even a modest bit of money to help them. It's preferable if they drink clean water, so we need to collect enough to set up hand pumps for them. Visit Ek Plate Biryani's website to discover more about the Rohingya crisis, and how you can help the Rohingya people.

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