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How Important is RAM for Gaming?

13 May 2022, 21:24 GMT+10

Gaming computers often come with a lot of RAM, but just how important is it? RAM is short for random access memory, and it's responsible for the temporary storage of data while the computer is working. In gaming laptops, RAM helps to keep the graphics processor and other hardware running smoothly. Gaming PCs usually have more RAM than regular PCs, and high-end gaming laptops can have up to 64GB of Ram.

There's no question that as a devoted gamer, you want the greatest gaming PC ability to make the gaming experience as authentic as possible. However, figuring out what you'll need to make your game work well might be difficult at times. Gamers are notorious for overworking their PCs when they don't have to. If you use a strong GPU with a slow Microprocessor, for example, you're likely establishing a bottleneck that prevents your gear from performing at its maximum potential.

When it comes to creating your own computer, RAM speed might be a bit perplexing. Is it reasonable to spend so much money? Should you err on the side of caution? And what role does RAM play in a high-end gaming experience? Let's have a look at it in more detail.

Finding the RAM that best suits your demands, on the other hand, is a challenge in and of itself. Furthermore, every computer user should have a basic understanding of RAM, even if they lack professional-level skills. The quantity, type, and quality of RAM are all important factors in getting the desired results. The best RAM for Ryzen 5800X you choose will improve the performance of your PC.

What Does RAM Have to Do with Gaming?

RAM is the storage space for critical variables and resources, therefore it's significant in gaming as well as multitasking. Whenever you enter the game on your gaming PC, the game is uploaded into RAM and becomes an active player. RAM is used instead of the computer's hard drive directly since it is faster and engineered to store transient data. Larger, speedier RAM is preferred since it improves the gaming performance and cuts down on loading times. You can not only store more temporary files, but you can also retrieve and write them faster.

What Factors Should You Look At?

Here are some things to look for in your future workstation or gaming computer.


A total RAM capacity of 16GB or more is recommended for heavier games. While going higher in this situation is definitely a good idea, be sure your pre-built gaming PC can handle it, particularly if you're running older hardware. If you constructed your own gaming PC, seek this information on the motherboard relevant page. If not, go to the company's website for your current system.


Frequency refers to the amount of data that may be sent to the stick at once. RAM is available in a number of configurations, but visitors can only use as much as your system will allow.

The higher the frequency, the greater the performance, although this does not always imply that the fastest RAM is the best. If you run RAM quicker than the processor allows - for example, 3600MHz on the Z490 - you risk introducing system instability, which negates any performance gains.


RAM with low latencies of about 16 CAS is the optimum option. You'll note that latencies are represented by four integers, which indicate the delay of memory clocks for each activity. Because all motherboards support all latencies, you don't have to worry about going crazy with your gaming system.


Computers are capable of more than simply enjoying video; they may also be used to create and edit multimedia material. The most popular gaming laptops have a strong graphics card as well as a big quantity of RAM. However, as games have gotten more demanding, more memory has been necessary. Whether it's the Best RAM for Ryzen 5900X, you can buy a RAM kit with relatively fast speeds for your build For a long time, computers with 8GB of RAM or more were the norm, but today some laptops have 32GB or even 64GB of RAM.

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