Sat, 20 Aug 2022

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Walking around a city recently, you might have noticed DJ Khaled's face plastered on billboards, bus shelters and subway tunnels. No, the record producer, radio DJ and entertainer isn't dropping a new album. Instead, he's cooking up something a tad more literal: chicken wings.

Pictured in advertisements surrounded by a cornucopia of chicken wings, waffle fries and onion rings, the musician slash entrepreneur gives his trademark half-smile. Perhaps he's smiling because he knows that his restaurant idea, called Another Wing, is destined for greatness.

How does he know? Because Another Wing is anything but another celebrity food venture.

Another Wing: Not Just Another Wing Restaurant

Another Wing has a few things going for it right off the bat. Obviously, it has the name recognition of one of the music industry's leading luminaries. The restaurant also has a sheen and chicness one might normally associate with a New Year's Eve party - a bright branding palette you rarely see in food industry advertising.

But the real news story is the business model. DJ Khaled isn't opening just one restaurant; in characteristically grand fashion, he's opening over 150 restaurants in five different countries. At the same time.

This kind of out-of-the-gate expansion is unprecedented, not just for celebrity food ventures but the restaurant industry as a whole. According to Bloomberg, Another Wing's massive rollout is the 'World's Most Ambitious Restaurant Launch.'And it owes its ambition to a network of delivery-only kitchens powered by a new food platform.

Partnership with getREEF

To open his ambitious slate of chicken wing restaurants, Khaled partnered with REEF, a company that operates delivery kitchens across the globe. The restaurant is available through getREEF food delivery in Miami, New York, Paris, London, Dubai, and several other cities.

The getREEF business model is straightforward but ingenious. By operating delivery kitchens in several high-density urban areas, all accessible via intuitive online ordering, the company is able to deliver meals hot and fresh in 30 minutes or less - an ideal timeframe for chicken wings. They are also able to facilitate global expansion quicker and more responsibly than independently operated restaurants.

What Khaled's New Venture Means for the Restaurant Industry

DJ Khaled isn't the first celebrity to open a restaurant. For decades, celebrities have used food ventures to bolster their personal brands and diversify their revenue streams. (Readers of a certain age will likely remember Planet Hollywood, if only as a cautionary tale). But Khaled's partnership with getREEF marks the potential next step in high-profile celebrity restaurant partnerships.

Before, an entrepreneur - even a famous one - had to road-test their concept locally before expanding city-by-city, country-by-country. It was a slow, often precarious endeavor. Another Wing ushers in a new age of restaurants. By leveraging the power of proximity, working out of several urban delivery-only kitchens, Khaled's restaurant concept can go big quickly and securely.

If there's one thing the 'No Brainer' artist is good at, it's capitalizing on foolproof business ventures. Plus, he makes an incredibly good chicken wing.

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