Fri, 19 Aug 2022

In any supply chain, inventory management and warehousing form an intensive function. They play the part of an important building block in the entire chain.

In supply chain management, most of the inventory is held at the warehouse compared to the pipeline. Thus, the efficiency of the warehouse is of epitome to further boost supply chain efficiency.

Seeing how important warehouse efficiency is, most companies often outsource warehousing services. This ensures they have access to the warehouse 24×7, and all the problems related to the warehouse are dealt with by the service provider.

That being said, today, we will discuss a few important elements that contribute to the successful operation of the distribution centers.

Elements That Make A Warehouse Infrastructure Efficient

Running a well-organized and efficient warehouse can be much more complex than it looks on the surface.

While some may think a warehouse has a simple task of storing material before it can be distributed or exported, they miss noticing the underlying complexities.

Warehousing is the process that involves several scientific tools to effectively manage goods and cargo to make them available whenever they need.

Having said that, if you are into the warehousing or supply chain business, it is important that you have an efficient warehouse infrastructure to get the best out of it.

Here we present a list of elements that are must-haves in your warehouse infrastructure.

1. Forklift Battery Charger

If you are maintaining a warehouse, that means you have mechanical equipment to handle the material.

If that is the case, you must be well aware of the problem that one can experience if the power of the mechanical equipment runs out. When that happens, the only way you can solve the problem is by charging them.

The purpose of forklift battery chargers is to ensure your equipment has the necessary charge to function properly.

2. Security

Do you know what reason contributes the most to the warehouse losses? It is the stealing of materials and electrical equipment. A warehouse is often used to store expensive materials, which becomes a popular target for thieves.

A well-organized warehouse should have tight security to mitigate theft possibilities. For that, you can consider installing surveillance cameras.

3. Market Proximity

Warehouse location is an important element that needs to be considered while establishing a warehouse. Your warehouse should be located near your targeted market. This also includes proper transport and communication lines. Having affecting roadways to commute enhances your warehouse performance.

4. Mechanical Appliances

Warehouse store material that can be difficult to handle manually. Even a minor material shifting task can pose a challenge. In that case, you need to have the right mechanical appliances to have a smooth running warehouse. This will not only reduce the handling cost but also help you deal with large and bulky loads.

5. Emergency Protocol

A warehouse can only be considered efficient if it can sustain its operation even in crises. Your warehouse needs to be prepared for the possibility of an accident or any other emergency - whether it is a fire, mechanical accident, flood, or disaster.

6. Picking Process

The time spent picking materials can make or break your warehouse efficiency. If organized correctly, you can develop a picklist that saves your time and resources. With an effective picking process, you pick all the necessary material in one trip.

7. Receiving Process

Material that is received in the warehouse must immediately be verified. Staff should be trained to ensure that the material is not short and matches what's on the list. Once the material is checked, ensure that it is moved to the correct storage space right away.

Prompt Delivery & Customer Services

While talking about the efficiency of the warehouse, do not forget about customer satisfaction. While picking and dropping material, ensure that your customers are well aware of its location.

Providing your customers real-time status only improves your relationship with the customers.

While every warehouse is different depending on what they store, every warehouse can benefit from the tips we have listed in this article.

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