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Outsourcing Content Moderation: 5 Steps to Take

03 Jan 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

In an age where outsourcing is a popular solution for many business owners, outsourcing content moderation may seem like a logical choice. But before you make the decision to outsource your content moderation, there are some things you should know about what it entails and how outsourcing can affect your website. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 steps that every business owner should take before outsourcing content moderation to another company.

What is Content Moderation and Why Do We Need it?

Content moderation is the process of reviewing and editing content before it is made available to the public. This can include anything from text, images, videos, or user-generated content. Content moderation is important because it helps to ensure that all content on a website meets certain standards for quality and appropriateness. It also helps to prevent inappropriate or illegally distributed content from being made available to the public.

Organizations that deal with large amounts of user-generated and published content can outsource their outsourcing moderation in order to meet increased demand, reduce costs, or improve turnaround times for publishing content on a website. Content moderation is important because it helps ensure that all publicly visible materials follow certain standards of quality and appropriateness.

The content moderation outsourcing to a third party can be a great way to ensure that all content on your website is reviewed and approved before it goes live. However, there are a few things you should do beforehand to make sure the process runs smoothly. Here are five steps to take:

  • Create a content moderation policy
  • Create a process for submitting content
  • Create an internal team of moderators
  • Outsource to a third party
  • Set clear expectations around turnaround time.

1. Create a Content Moderation Policy

The first step you should take before outsourcing content moderation is to create a content moderation policy. This document will outline your company's standards for what is and isn't allowed on your website. The policy should include information about topics like hate speech, violence, pornography, and illegal activity. It's important to have a clear policy in place so that outsourcing partners know what is and isn't allowed.

  1. Create a Process for Submitting Content

The second step you should take is to create a process for submitting content. This will make it easier to track content submissions and ensure that all content is reviewed thoroughly. You'll need to decide who will be responsible for reviewing content and how long the review process should take. If outsourcing content moderation, it's important to set clear expectations around turnaround time.

  1. Create an Internal Team for Content Moderation

The third step is to create an internal team of moderators who will be responsible for reviewing content submitted by your outsourcing partner(s). This group will need the authority to remove or approve all new submissions and should be familiar with your company's content moderation policy.

  1. Outsource to a third party

Outsource to a third party outsourcing content moderation. Content moderation is an increasingly important part of social media marketing, with large numbers of companies now outsourcing this function to save time and money. For example, 80% of agencies have reported that they plan on outsourcing more in the future it can be very difficult for small businesses or startups to find the time or resources necessary to outsource content moderation.

Additionally, outsourcing content moderation can be very expensive for companies outsourcing content moderation is constantly changing and requires a lot of attention to stay on top of trends in social media outsourcing content moderators are often well-versed in different languages (especially English) and can help your company to localize content.

  1. Set Clear Expectations Around Turnaround Time

When outsourcing content moderation, it is important that your expectations are clear. Make sure the freelancer has a full understanding of how you want each task completed and what exactly they need to do for this job. You should also make them aware if there will be any deadlines or tasks due by certain dates so all can stay on schedule with completing work.

Why is Content Moderation Important?

Outsourcing companies need to consider the level of service that is right for their needs. Some types of outsourcing include email moderation, live chat moderation, social media moderation, and content moderation.

The need for content moderation is becoming more apparent every day. The increasing popularity of social media and user-generated content has led to a flood of inappropriate, offensive, or illegal content. This can be damaging to a company's brand and reputation, leading to a loss of customers.

Content moderation ensures that content is appropriate for the audience they are targeting.


If you're looking for a way to scale content moderation and stay on top of your SEO strategy, the Modern App Ltd can help you for your next app development project, the more info can be found on Google. Outsourcing Content Moderation is an option that allows companies with limited resources or those who don't have the internal staff necessary to keep up with moderating content in-house.

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