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How to choose competitive swimwear

31 Dec 2021, 19:24 GMT+10

Competitive or athletic swimwear refers to the clothing, tools, and other supporting elements that you need in water sports such as swimming, diving, water polo, surfing, and other triathlon activities. For aquatic sports, swimwear is specially designed in a specific way to minimize resistance and skin dragging during the activity. You need swimwear that adjusts well and stays in place during movement of any kind of water activity. Regular swimwear is designed only for an artistic and beautiful look while athletic swimwear is designed with special technology to help the athlete in competitions. The tight fits help in free movement and minimize friction and allow the swimmers to move forward freely. Finding the right athletic swimwear based on personal taste. For example how much coverage, support, and activeness you want. Fortunately, the swimwear boutique presented a variety of swimwear styles that are flattering and efficient for swim competitions.

Points to remember

When choosing an athletic swimsuit for your favorite aquatic activity, always keep some points in your mind. Opt for your swimsuit based on your function. It depends on the amount of movement you require and the UV rays you will face. If you spend a lot of time underwater the go for one-piece swimwear with thick straps. Because they will remain fixed so will stay secure. Look at your activity, what are you going to do on the beach and how much coverage do you need. Rashguard and board shorts are the best options if you are planning for scuba diving and sunbathing. Choose the material wisely, swimwear made of quick-drying material makes it possible to go sunbathing after playing in the water. Go for a design and style that is comfortable for you.

Types of swimwear

Body Skin is a type of athletic swimsuit used by both males and females for water sports activities. They are made of Lycra-based fabric. Technically they are designed to cover the body securely and help to maximize the speed by reducing the friction in the water. The main difference between bodyskin and dive skin is the fabric from which body skin is manufactured. While dive skin is commonly used for scuba diving and snorkelers in hot weather. A lot of designer swimwear is now designing competitive swimsuits in different styles and designs with special technology to improve the effectiveness of swimwear. Some brands are designing body skin specifically for backstroke.

Men's swim trunks and briefs

Men's swim trunks or shorts commonly have drawstrings or elastic waistbands. You can choose the one for a customized or casual look. Drag suit is used by competitors over their normal suit during training. As it provides additional friction from water, swimmers used it for practice. However, men's swim briefs are usually used for sports activities like lap swimming, diving, and water polo where speed is the main thing. Swim briefs are made of Nylon and spandex elements and some are made of polyester.


Kneeskin is another type of athletic swimsuit somewhat matching in design with body skin. It is used by both males and females. Swimwear designers manufacture it with advanced technology and Lycra-based material. They are designed in a way that adjusts very well with the body and helps to maximize the speed and reduce resistance in the water. Kneeskin is considered to be expensive because of the use of advanced technology and they are typically used at a highly competitive level.

Jammer and Legskin

Jammers and legskin swimsuits are commonly used in competition to gain lead advantages. These are the type of swimwear worn by male swimmers. The fabric used in the jammer and legskin is Nylon and Lycra. The fabric has quick-drying characteristics. They are designed with tight fits that allow the swimmer to move freely without water drag. Jammers are somewhat similar to cycling shorts and give moderate coverage. Jammers differ from the briefs in that they provide much coverage to the legs. However, legskin provide full coverage, from mid-waist to ankle of swimmers and are similar to leggings. The main benefit of legskin is the flexibility, which the competitor needs for broad movement.


Racerback is specially designed for female competitive swimmers, they are designed in a way that the top-back of the bathing suit is not enclosed to produce free movement of the arm during water sport activity. They are similar to one-piece swimwear because one-piece athletic swimwear stays fixed. But if you prefer a top then Ishine365 are the best option as they are specially designed for water sports. Racerback is a good option for sports like sea diving, surfing, and paddleboarding. For some high-quality swimsuits visit ishine365.

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