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8 Types of Lawyers: Which One Is Right for You?

29 Dec 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

Nowadays, the term 'lawyer' has a lot of different meanings and connotations. Choosing a lawyer for your legal problems can be difficult. You have to make sure that you choose the right one for yourself. There are several types of lawyers, each with its strengths and weaknesses. This article will discuss some basic types of lawyers and their most common uses.

Criminal lawyer

A criminal lawyer will help clients who have been charged with crimes like murder, robbery and aggravated assault. Chicago criminal attorney would help offenders avoid jail time and penalties, reduce their fines, and represent their interests in court. Criminal lawyers help their clients build their cases based on witness testimonies and lay down evidence so that the accused could be convicted in court.

Personal injury lawyer

These lawyers can help someone who has been the victim of a crime like medical malpractice. They will file suit on their behalf to uphold their right versus other perpetrators and seek compensation for damages that their clients sustained due to negligence committed by another party. At the same time, some legal terms might not allude immediately to specific injuries suffered from an accident or serious injury case. An experienced personal injury lawyer would help assess why that happened and make a case based on it if needed.

Immigration lawyer

An immigration lawyer works on a specific case involving someone seeking citizenship or permanent residency for themselves, their spouse or unmarried children. The immigrant may seek employment eligibility and stay to work under certain conditions. An experienced lawyer would help these people with necessary applications and rules before arriving in their destination country.

Bankruptcy lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer works with a specific person who becomes insolvent. A common interpretation of this term is that the individual can no longer pay his debt, while it might not necessarily always be related to money owed in particular cases. The primary task of an experienced bankruptcy attorney would be to assess whether or not there are any unpaid debts; if so, help devise a feasible plan for payment schedules and workable payments before things get out of control.

Tax lawyer

Tax lawyers often help people or companies with their financial situations. They will draft tax returns, conduct audits and recommend filing strategies to lower taxes during the income-tax season. They would also represent clients who have been charged separately for different types of taxation depending on how much money it makes them during that year.

Employment lawyer

An employment lawyer would help employees terminated due to sexual harassment or technicalities. However, many banks and corporations might violate the Fair Employment Act depending on their operations. Some cases are too complex for them, even though they may involve missing paperwork done during processing by a human resource office. Experienced lawyers will help determine if there is any validity to this claim and how best they could proceed next with filing an appeal against their dismissal, even if they cannot file a lawsuit because it would violate corporate policy.

Family lawyer

Family lawyers help clients go through divorce and custody cases. They will represent their clients in court based on different laws that protect children's interests and what is best for them. Often, couples may negotiate over child support to resolve disputes quickly if no significant financial issues are involved, like medical bills or property division.

Real estate lawyer

A real estate lawyer will help people buy and sell homes and lease agreements on rental property. Lawyers may also have to defend a landlord against an eviction case filed by the tenant or vice versa if they are in an illegal dispute over space usage with another client renting through the same company but with different rules set between them.

Now that you know the different types of lawyers, it is time to start researching and finding a good one for your needs. Do not forget to let us know if you need any more help or advice in the comments.

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