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6 Reasons why You Are Unsuccessful on Instagram

23 Dec 2021, 03:24 GMT+10

I see it daily that enthusiastic newcomers eager to make a success of their Instagram profile. Full of ambition and a dream to earn a lot of money with their profile.

There is only one problem; most fail. Despite the fact that they have the ambition and willpower, there is often still something missing. The execution of their plan is flawed from the very first moment, they miss the important basics on which every successful profile rests.

In this blog I want to share my experiences why certain Instagram profiles fail and why others are successful. I am writing this for both newbies and advanced users. Save these tips to use as guidelines, or read through this article to refresh your memory.

How do I know all these things? With our social media services ( followers, views ) from SuperViral we attract new customers every day. Many people buy Instagram Followers Australia or for any country and they are getting good results. As a result, I end up on a lot of profiles every day. In addition, I come into contact with all kinds of interesting people with all their own ideas and methods. Over time I've got a nice picture of what works and what doesn't work on Instagram

I always try to give positive feedback, but today I'm doing things differently. Today I'm going to tell you what you're doing WRONG. Things that you as a content creator probably don't handle properly.

1. You don't do what the experts do

Please don't take this as a tip to simply copy others. No. What I'm saying with this is: the experts know what they are doing, try to take advantage of this. Maybe, you're still unaware that professional marketers tend to buy Instagram Followers Canada to boost up their ranking in the eyes of Instagram algorithm. Questions related to this that I keep coming up with:

  • What do I write in my bio?
  • I have a page with 40,000 followers, how can I make money with this?
  • What kind of content should I post?

It's not wrong in itself to ask these questions, but at the same time it shows that you are not observing what the experts in your niche are doing. They are at the top for a reason: they are good at what they do.

2. You give up too soon

Creating a successful profile is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take you a lot of time to become successful. Think in months, not weeks. The first 10,000 followers will be the hardest to get. In general, it takes 2 to 3 months to reach this point.

When it comes to building social networks, people often think it's fun, profitable, and not that much work. That is not the case. It takes time to see results. You will have to put consistent energy into your profile for the long term.

Whatever happens.. When a profile does not grow fast enough, profiles are thrown upside down. A different niche, username, or whatever is chosen, in the hope of growing faster after this. Often this is not the right solution. Stick to your current plan, keep going through the tougher times. In the end you will reap the benefits.

3. You do not have motivators

Why do you want to be successful on Instagram? Are you looking for fame, money or do you just want to help people? Whatever it is, you have to be ruthless when it comes to Instagram success.

What really helps with this is the creation of external motivators. By this I mean: something you create or enforce that motivates you to get better on Instagram.

Buy a huge whiteboard and write down your goals here. Not only does it make you feel good when you can check off 50,000 followers, other people will see it too. For me that is a great motivator not to sit still but to make progress with my project.

You can also tell people close to you about your ambitions. Tell what you intend to achieve. In fact, ask them to bring up this topic weekly to see your progress. As a result, you will continue to work hard.

NOTE: Of course, the motivation to do what you do should not depend solely on these external motivators such as However, they can help you well.

4. You are not looking for interaction

Interaction is very important! It is often thought that a good content strategy is enough to become successful on Instagram. However, that is only one half of the puzzle. You have to continuously seek out the interaction with everyone in your niche. Like, follow, comment on everything that is relevant to your profile.

5. You automate too much

In general, automating your Instagram profile is a good way to save time. But, you can also overlook this. Manually managing your profile will always be of higher quality, automation can look very unnatural and impersonal.

6. You post too many or too few posts

It is important that you understand your followers. Know what kind of followers view your content and why. Deduce from this how often you post messages on your profile. This can vary in every niche. People who follow a humor page may want to see a message from you up to 8 times a day. But followers of a fitness page often find 2 or 3 times a day enough. Point 1 will help you with this.

Be careful not to get obsessive about this. Do you want to post 3 times a day but don't have a good quality post in mind? Then don't do it.

Another important aspect: timing. It can have a major impact on what time you post your posts. Later, a tool that helps you schedule your posts, did a survey among its users. 61,000 posts were analyzed to determine when photos received the most likes and comments. It turned out that posts got the most interaction when they were posted at 2 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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