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In the wake of Covid-19, multiple companies are hiring recruits using an outsourcing strategy of team augmentation, colloquially called staff augmentation or team extension. The demand for team extension is increasing day by day as people and companies are realizing that to do your work you do not have to present at the same office. You can have your results from different sources as well. Team Augmentation provides you with good flexibility in the work and is quite relevant in the current situation of the world. Start-ups are one such beneficiary of this process.

The process of augmentation is the need of the hour as getting skilled people to work for you is getting difficult day by day. Many companies face great difficulty in their work as they work at a fast pace. Two of the main problems that such companies face while hiring recruits are.

  • Increase payroll cost
  • Limited Talent

We live in an ever-evolving world and the one sector that keeps on evolving at a fast rate in the IT sector. Every day there is some new language of programming, complex stack techs that people find hard to master, and every fortnight there is something new that people develop new applications to work on. All the recent developments make it hard for recruiters to recruit the best talent for the company.

Companies are facing multiple problems in respect of hiring people with good skill set in their respective countries. Team Augmentation is quite helpful to solve such problems. Though it is not enough as demand or the professional tech experts are increasing day by day but the supply of such tech graduates is not enough as per the requirement. It is because of such inequality between the demand and supply curve that companies are opting for outsourcing strategies to get their desired results.

Team Augmentation lets you add new highly skilled members to your in-house development team and the period will depend on the duration of the project on which the team is working. It is one of the efficient methods of filling the skill gap and getting a highly skilled IT team together in no time. If done properly team augmentation could yield various benefits such as less cost, diverse talent at your disposal, fast time to market, experts from all over the world. Sometimes it also becomes the foundation of good collaboration among companies.

Key features as to why you require Team Augmentation

Here are some of the reasons why companies require team extensions in their work-

  • Lack of Competency: various companies opt for the outsourcing method because they are in-house teams lack the skill set for the particular project. Sometimes the project at hand requires a particular skill and expertise that only a few possess in such situations as well team augmentation comes in handy.
  • Expertise: when a company out staffs from different companies they include a skilled and experienced person in their team for the project. Thus with the help of team augmentation, multiple companies can share their pool of talent and help in the betterment of society and business as a whole.
  • Time Constraints: Another reason why companies and organizations outsource is the tight deadline. Hiring more people for a project can increase the labor thus you can easily complete your work on the deadline. If a company is lagging in time augmentation can help the team to complete the work on deadline and launch the product in the market as soon as possible.
  • Budget: Money is another reason why companies go for a team augmentation strategy. As outsourcing is cost-effective when you compare with the full process of recruitment, training, etc. on a particular project. It is the best strategy for companies and start-ups that have a restricted budget for a project.

Advantages of Team Augmentation

  • Faster Speed: there are various advantages of going for a strategy of outsourcing one such and most important of them are speedy work. The process involves including new members in the team this, in turn, increases the speed of the development process and completes the work on time.
  • Access to good Talent: Technologies are evolving at a very fast speed and it is difficult for people to come up with the ever-evolving strategy to work with the technology. The process of team augmentation helps the corporations, businesses, and people to pool all the talent required for the project under one team without breaking much sweat in the full long process of recruitment and training of new graduates. As the model of team augmentation lets, you have the talent from different countries in one place.
  • Good Productivity Level: the strategy of augmentation enables a higher level of productivity in the project as all the developers in the team are skilled and have a good amount of experience in the work. As the team comprises multiple people from different parts of the world, they all bring their expertise and knowledge to the table thus increasing the overall productivity and quality of the project.

Choose the Correct Team Augmentation Model

It is pertinent that a company chooses the best team augmentation model for its project. The success of the project will depend on it. Most organizations use a mix of service providers that depend on the project and the requirement of the company. When you want to outsource for a particular project you should think about the key requirements of the particular project and what are the things that your team is lacking along with this try to determine what is important in respect of the objective of the project.

For instance, if you want a highly skilled person in machine learning then in such cases prioritizing cost will become quite unrealistic. On the other hand, if you want 100 people for a particular work that you can easily train in such cases you should hire people that have a high level of skill.

Author's Bio:

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He's an avid blogger and writes on the mobile application. He works in a leading mobile app development company with skilled iOS and Android app developers that have developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.

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