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Mastering writing skills to become a good writer

22 Dec 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

Why do people struggle to write? The answer is simple. We struggle to control our thoughts and convey them through words to another person. But this seemingly simple task is difficult for many of us, as we cannot keep perfect control of our emotions while writing. In several cases, the writers themselves were unaware as to what they actually wanted to say in their writing.

Since the dawn of civilization, man has been trying to master the art of communication through words. A good writer is a master at communication and possesses a number of qualities that differentiate him from others. He not only seems knowledgeable but also appears as a learned person who has knowledge about almost everything in this world. His words are carefully chosen and are full of emotions.

  1. Read a lot of outstanding writing.

The first step to improve your writing skills is reading. If you wish to be a good writer, then read as much as possible from the best writers of all time. Read books on grammar and style, take classes from universities or other institutions that provide instruction in the field of writing, read online articles about writing techniques, attend seminars at different colleges, and read magazines and newspapers. The more you read, the better your writing skills will become.

  1. Make it a habit to write on a regular basis.

In order to improve your writing skills, it is important that you write on a regular basis. You can start by writing articles for blogs or online publications, writing short stories or poems, writing in a journal, or writing a story.

  1. Make certain that your writing is error-free and properly punctuated

A good writer knows the rules and uses them when writing. He uses all punctuation marks in their correct places, follows correct grammatical form, and spells words correctly. If you wish to be a good writer, then pay attention to the details such as verb tense consistency, subject-verb agreement, pronoun reference, article use, spelling and punctuation.

  1. Be brief and to the point.

A good writer doesn't waste his or her readers' time with unnecessary details or information that is not worth knowing. A good writer should always try to follow the KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) rule - meaning that he should always try to say or write everything but only in short words and sentences.

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  1. Use forceful words and adjectives to emphasize your point.

A good writer uses different types of verbs and adverbs to paint vivid images in the minds of his readers. Instead of using weak verbs such as "said", "asked", or "walked", you should use stronger verbs such as "claim", "order," or "run".

  1. Active voice should be used whenever possible.

A good writer always uses the active voice in his writing, not the passive one. He doesn't use words like "was" or "were"; he prefers to use the first-person perspective. For example, instead of saying - 'The food was prepared by the chef," say - "The chef prepared the food".

  1. Keep your tone and audience in mind

A good writer always takes care of his tone and word choice while writing for different audiences. He should be able to express what he wants to convey in a way that his readers will understand. For example, if you are writing in an informal manner, then you should use simple words and sentence structures. If you are using a formal tone, then you should focus on writing long sentences with lots of modifiers.

8. Keep in mind that humour has a lot of ground rules.

While humour is often a good way to entertain readers, it can also backfire if not used carefully. A good writer always takes care to ensure that his jokes are funny and that they will be understood by his readers.

9 . Use correct formatting

A good writer knows how to use the different parts of a standard manuscript correctly. He knows how to format a title, use headings, subheadings, indent paragraphs, and how to use dangling or misplace modifiers. This will make his article look neat and professional.

  1. Before you submit your work, double-check it for errors.

A good writer always proofreads his work before submitting it for publication. He checks for grammar mistakes, incorrect spellings, punctuation errors, formatting mistakes etc. This will ensure that his writing is perfect and that it conveys the intended message to the reader without any problems.

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