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At first glance, Bar Am-David might not seem like the type of guy who spends his days consulting with businesses looking to make it big on Amazon. Yet that is precisely what the laid back digital nomad has become; the go-to expert for Amazon success. Together with his wife Louise, Bar is half of the powerful duo that makes up AMZ SEO HUB, the online agency the pair started and scaled to triple their pre-pandemic earnings in just a few short months last year.

Prior to opening his agency, Bar focused on freelance work, helping thousands of new and existing Amazon FBA and FBM sellers to get found, scale up, and outpace their competitors with clever Amazon SEO hacks. In today's competitive online selling climate, insider tips and tricks might be the only hope for standing out in the massive online marketplace. Luckily, Bar has many of those honed from nearly 2,000 days of digging in on Amazon.

His background as a previous student of multi-million-dollar Amazon seller Jason Katzenback and his experience as a Top Rated Fiverr and Upwork seller of Amazon SEO services make him a sought-after voice in the Amazon game. In today's interview, we talk about Bar's top tips for competing on Amazon in an age where online selling has become ruthlessly competitive. Plus, we touch on his life as a digital nomad living in Bali.

Bar, it's a pleasure to talk with you today. Before we get down to business, can you tell us a bit about your background as a digital nomad in Bali?

Yes, actually, prior to Covid, my wife and I would regularly work between the UK, Ireland, Israel and Bali. Now that things are opening back up, we hope to return to this routine, but Bali is one of our favorite places to live and work. It is friendly to digital nomads like myself who have their work visas. We hold KITAS work visas that allow us to legally work in Bali. Anyone who wishes to work there needs to have it. Bali is a great choice for working abroad because, compared to other countries in Asia, it offers top notch resources like fast and widely available Internet connection, modern co-working spaces, and well-developed communities.

Anyone considering the digital nomadic lifestyle would have a very easy time managing this in Bali. Obviously, it offers a laid back and low stress quality of life. You are never more than a few minutes from the beach. It's affordable, and even a modest income can net you a villa with a pool. On top of all of this, there are many digital nomads here, so it is common for locals in this area to speak English. Plus, we have a great community filled with some of the best networking opportunities I have seen so far in all my travels.

Overall, it's an amazing place to work as a digital nomad, and it definitely beats the 9-5 rat race that I was once a part of in the UK.

Great to hear. I'm sure you've convinced some to become digital nomad converts with that glowing recommendation! Now onto your tips. As an in-demand expert in Amazon optimization services and strategy, how do you recommend people compete to get found on Amazon?

Since Covid hit, selling on Amazon has changed dramatically. What was once a viable place for new businesses to make money became nearly impossible with the influx of sellers who looked to sell on Amazon as both part of the Covid surge in online shopping and the need to pivot to new roles due to massive shifts in the job market. However, although it is fiercely competitive to make it as an Amazon seller, it is still possible to be successful if you follow a sensible plan. For anyone with aspirations to start or grow an Amazon business, here are my Top 5 Tips for Success:.

  • Crunch the numbers

Amazon is a virtual universe of products. With a nearly endless catalog of offerings, where and how do you begin to pick the right product to sell? As an experienced strategist, I've worked with hundreds of sellers over the years. One of the very first things I recommend they do is to choose a product and then do the calculations to see where your profit lies. If you can't sell 10 a day and make a nice margin within the first three months of selling, this is not a product that is worth selling.

Selling on Amazon can be a lot of work. Between working with an overseas supplier, figuring out Amazon warehousing, and dealing with on-going listing optimizations, it can be intense and expensive to start. For these reasons, it's really important that you start by crunching your numbers. Ideally, go for an item that you can sell for $30-$40 and have a 30-50% margin rather than choosing something that is $1-$2 and only offers a 10-20% margin. The latter scenario is just not worth it given the time and expense.

I tell my clients to take the emotions out of it completely. Let go of the fantasy that you are only going to sell certain items because you love them. Yes, you should have somewhat of an interest in the category, but, ultimately, I recommend staying completely open to any type of product, and instead keeping the focus on profit calculations until you find a product that works in your favor financially.

  • Choose a hot category

Health and Beauty, Pet products, Electronics, Toys-these are all very strong categories on Amazon in my experience. Another really important category for top selling on Amazon is Home & Kitchen. But what is the best category of product to sell on Amazon? In my opinion, it is simply easier to focus on finding a product with the right elements, because truthfully, every product can be successful on Amazon if you know how to market it. I am giving you the keys to market it, but you need to choose something that fits this basic criteria in order to be profitable.

First of all, I recommend products that are very lightweight. Amazon has high fees for shipping from the warehouse, plus it costs a lot to ship heavy products overseas. You want to do all you can to save on shipping costs.

Another element is choosing a market where you can stand out. One of the most common rookie mistakes I see is new sellers deciding to launch in the US and not exploring other options. When you are a new seller on Amazon, you are starting with nothing. How would you stand out in the US where your item may already be established by several other big successful brands? There is too much competition to start out this way.

When you are a small or brand new seller, you really need to stand out with your price and your branding. Amazon has warehouses all over the world. Popular examples are Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, and UAE. In those markets, even if your product is just average, you may be able to stand out better because of the reduced competition. This is something to really look at and research before launching. Every product on Amazon can be successful as long as you know how to market it. That is why it's better to focus on the factors I mentioned.

  • Do a deep-dive in keyword research

You need to do proper keyword research before spending money on getting a product made or sent to a warehouse. Specifically, you need to work with Amazon-related software. I recommend Helium 10, which is very popular and accurate. You can research keywords there, including what kinds of keywords your competition is using, and aim to do it better. Another thing is to use high quality photos. You need to hire a professional photographer. Photos are very important. Combined with high quality text with the right keywords, photos can make or break a listing.

  • Increase your Amazon organic rankings

Of course, your brand on Amazon needs to have a good following and excellent copy…but another thing that seals the deal are the reviews. People buy from sellers that have dozens or hundreds of reviews. This also increases your ranking. Volume of sales also matters. To get started getting found organically, offer a competitive price. Offer a discount like buy one get one free. It's really important in the beginning that you do this to stand out.

  • Focus longterm on external traffic

If you have a big social media following or a good blog readership and you send traffic to Amazon and it converts, Amazon rewards that in rankings. For your long-term strategy, you should focus on bringing outside traffic to Amazon as it will improve your overall ranking and, ultimately, your sales.

By following the guidance I've outlined here, I've seen brand new sellers scale to six figures in a matter of months. Ultimately, it comes down to the work you do upfront in researching the best and most profitable item that you can rank for in the right markets.

About Bar Am-David

Bar Am-David, along with his wife Louise, have been some of the freelancing world's most sought-after experts for the last seven years. Both Bar and Louise offer pro Amazon listing services while living the digital nomadic lifestyle in enviable locations like Bali. Together, they are highly successful Amazon SEO sellers on Fiverr and Upwork, maintaining Top Seller status on both platforms. In addition, in 2015 they launched and quickly scaled AMZ SEO HUB, an online agency dedicated to helping businesses optimize their Amazon listings as well as their Amazon PPC ads. For additional information, feel free to contact them via their website.

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