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Your Top New Years Business Resolutions

29 Nov 2021, 23:24 GMT+10

We've all made New Year's resolutions for our personal lives, but why not make a resolution for our businesses as well? There are always a few things that you promise yourself that your going to do better, faster, or more efficiently - why not make it a resolution?

Tell your coworkers about your plans so they can hold you accountable and set out to make this year the best year yet! Not sure what type of resolution to make? Take a look at what some of our favorite business gurus had to say about this topic below!

Explore New Things

Learning new things about business or your industry should be something that's done consistently to keep up with the times and help you come up with more effective or strategic plans for your business but it's a time-consuming task that's hard to keep up with.

'Look into exploring new facets of your industry and learning what you could do to implement new ideas, concepts, or products into your current business model,' says Luca Capula, CEO of Son of a Barista. 'Hire a business coach or join a group that will help you learn more about your local area. There are so many options out there that will help you learn and grow as a business person and ultimately help your brand as well.'

Support Your Community

Community involvement does a lot of good for brands looking to get the word out about their company. Businesses can get involved in fundraisers, sponsor local events, or volunteer around the community to show their heart for the neighborhood they're planted in.

'It's easy to get busy and forget that your business can get involved in the community too,' says Adam Shlomi, Founder of SoFlo Tutors. 'By volunteering or supporting your community, you're essentially getting advertising and positive word of mouth while making your community a better place for everyone who lives and works there.'

Start Fresh

Whether you had a challenging last quarter or the previous few years have done a number on your business's motivation, take this new year and start fresh. Enter with a new mindset and put the past in the past.

'A new year is a great time to refresh your mind and start to turn over a new leaf,' says Brett Sohns, Founder of LifeGoal Investments. 'Make an effort to leave those problems of the past year in the past and move on to new ideas with a better sense of motivation. Take time over the holidays to decompress and enter the new year with a positive mindset about what you're going to do next.'

Create New Habits

Do you feel like you're in a rut? Look at shaking up your schedule and creating a new flow to your week to help yourself and your business get off to a good start this year. Strategize how the week could work in a more efficient way.

'I've found that the new year is a great time to evaluate how you can change habits for the better,' says Joel Jackson, Founder of My Life Force. 'Set your alarm earlier to give yourself time to enjoy a cup of coffee before you're on the road, move that weekly meeting from Monday to Tuesday so you're not so stressed the first day of the week, start using your planner more efficiently. These are all great ways to add a bit of structure to your life while also creating habits that will help you feel better about your week in the long run.'

Cut Toxic Ties

This could be something you apply to your personal or business life. While your personal life might look like cutting ties with people who aren't helping you be your best self, cutting ties in a business setting might look a little different.

'Stop hanging on to ideas or dreams that you want to succeed but they're not working,' says Christopher Ager, Co-Founder of HomeBreeze. 'You might have a project or product that you've really put your heart into and created a bit of an emotional tie to - but if it's hurting your business, it's time to cut that tie and move on to a new idea.'

Network, Network, Network

Networking is such a critical part of being in business but it's something that tends to take a back burner for many because it is a time commitment. Prioritize networking and making new connections this year.

'Schedule a time to network into your schedule,' says Heather Pulier, CEO of Outset Financial. 'Use your networking sites to maintain communication with other business professionals. This is key to remaining active and relevant on those sites. You could also join a networking group or set out a day per week to grab lunch with some network connections each week.'

Prioritize Yourself

So many people are prone to running themselves into the ground trying to manage too many things at once. Schedule some time for yourself and make sure you stick to that plan.

'You can't be at your best if you're never letting yourself take a break. If you're on a lunch break, put away your work materials,' says Tim Harris, Co-CEO and Head Of Coaching for Harris Real Estate University. 'The same goes for time away from the office. Prioritize those things that make you happy and spend time doing what you love so that you're energized and motivated when you get back to work.'


Our experts have spoken! Now you have some inspiration to create your own resolution. If we have to add one thing, it would be to make sure that whatever goal you set, you do it realistically.

Making drastic resolutions might leave you disappointed when you fall back to old habits in a few weeks and that's when people tend to give up on their goals altogether. Create a plan for implementing these goals and start out on a good note this year with the advice we've shared and the resolution you come up with!

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