Mon, 06 Dec 2021

If you know us, then you know how much attention and energy we invest into developing the best Bitcoin miners available on the market.

Our team of experts has spent years perfecting and improving our miners end we keep upgrading our software and hardware year by year. We are experts at satisfying a plethora of our clients and providing them with the smoothest and the most efficient way to mine Bitcoins.

Our products are beloved by our users not only for their speed and efficiency but for our transparency, ease of conducting business, and tireless and impeccable technical support for our products.

We are trailblazers in the industry of Bitcoin mining, and we never settle for subpar hardware. We decided to introduce you to two of our products and telling you a little bit about them and why they are so much different than anything available on the market.

Keep reading as we explain to you why our Microbt miners are an ideal choice and stand high above any other miner you can get.

What is a Bitcoin miner?

Just in case you are just beginning with Bitcoin mining, and you are not quite familiar with what mining actually is and what bitcoin miners do, let us first tell you a few things about the entire process.

As you may know, Bitcoins are not paper money and are not issued by any government therefore they are not centralised in any way, shape, or form. This is why miners use hardware paired with an algorithm that essentially solves computational problems and gets bitcoins in return.

For years now millions of people around the world tried their luck in mining Bitcoin and it became an important part or of our collective consciousness. Bitcoin started to change the way we conduct transactions, the way we shop, and the way we think about the value of things.

It's all about the hardware!

The hardware part of the process, or the machine itself if you will, is called a Bitcoin miner and the best possible combination is cheap electricity and good hardware since bitcoin mining is such a competitive industry and those who have access to cheaper electricity can tap in this lucrative industry much more effectively.

Since so many people started mining Bitcoin it cannot be effectively done with a simple computer or laptop and you require specialised hardware that can help you in this ordeal.

We usually call these miners ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuits, and many industry leaders have entire Bitcoin mining farms filled with these machines beeping and digging for the precious coins.

What to look when buying a Bitcoin miner?

The best Bitcoin miners have two important factors to look at before deciding whether you should buy one. The first thing to look for is the hash rate or how many hashes per second can the Bitcoin maker make.

1. Hash rates

Hash rates are the speed at which a cryptocurrency miner operates and or the speed of the computing device that is used for developing the unit of cryptocurrency.

2. Efficiency

The other important factor to look at is efficiency. Efficiency of the miner is closely related to electricity consumption and speed so clearly you are looking to buy the Bitcoin miner that is most effective in terms of balancing the usage of electricity and mining actual bitcoins.

3. Price

Price is another factor when deciding which bitcoin miner to buy. Many would argue that price is not the most important factor since many Bitcoin miners are willing to invest a little bit more money into securing a certain return of investment.

Let's look at what we have to offer

Whatsminer M30s++

The newest addition to our Bitcoin miner family is a new Bitcoin Halving miner called MicroBT Whatsminer M30s++.

Compared to other miners on the market it excels in hash rate or the speed at which the miner operates in order to develop the unit of cryptocurrency. The current hash rate for Whatsminerms30s++ is 112 tera hash making it one of worlds most sophisticated and fasted bitcoin miners.

In case you are worried about the electricity consumption, rest assured that this newest addition will consume around 3100 watts per tera hash.

The miner operates at a relatively low noise level, and it works most effectively in the ranges from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius. The hardware is equipped with two fans two fans and the daily average profit is almost three times larger than the consumption of electricity.

MicroBT M40

MicroBT M40 is one of the most popular bitcoin miner in our line and it is beloved for its mining software that operates at 410TH/S and consumes power within the range of 2570 watts. MicroBT M40 is perfect for those who are quite attentive to electricity consumption or those who start mining for hobby.

MicroBT M40 is a relatively low noise machine that operates at temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.

MicroBT M40 is always put on the lists of best performing Bitcoin miners, and it does not disappoint even the most demanding users.

Bottom Line

The world of Bitcoin mining is highly complex, and the industry is saturated with many different types of Bitcoin miners available on the market and sometimes it may appear to be quite an overwhelming task to find the best one.

Some miners might tell you that the best way to get Bitcoins is to simply buy them, but Bitcoin mining is still ongoing, and it will not stop any time soon. Mining is getting less costly and less impactful for the environment so you can confidently expect more interest for this industry.

Buying a cost-effective Bitcoin miner is paramount if you wish to make any profits and two of our beloved miners are going to ensure the return of your investment and reasonable electricity consumption.

Check out our website for more products and information about our mining hardware and start mining today!

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