Sun, 24 Oct 2021

The visual content market has grown exponentially in the last few years. As is the case with almost everything, anything that becomes big, people try to sell their second-grade copies of the same thing and it is because of that that the visual content creators have suffered.

It is because of these second-grade copies of pirated content that the visual content creators have lost money in millions. Even though this threat has only increased, you need not worry about it anymore because TopRange can help you dodge these fraudsters and help you not lose your precious money over content that others steal from you.

What Does TopRange Do?

TopRange can help you in protecting your rights on whatever visual content you create. You will have full monetary rights which prevent pirates from making revenue with your content. Even better: You will make the revenue for every click of the videos that have your content inside.TopRangerealized that more and more content creators are complaining about reused content on YouTube. People are stealing their content and upload them on YouTube making millions of dollars without even crediting or paying the original creators. TopRange will solve this issue.

TopRange was established in Germany and is a Digital Rights Management Company that's been active ever since the year 2015.TopRange worked with a handful of creators only to improve their services and tools before going public to serve all kinds of content creators. In 2020 they decided to do so: TopRange will now open the doors for new clients from all social media niches including YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok and twitch to protect their content on YouTube

TopRange's motive is to help its clients not lose any rights or money over the original content they create. With TopRange, you can be assured that your content would not be misused in any way.

Who Does TopRange Help?

The main motive of TopRange is to concentrate on the visual content like videos that are made by dancers or individuals or groups who create animations and even those who do reaction videos on YouTube. It helps people, i.e. the content creators, to monetize their work and make money through whatever original videos they create.

TopRange detects and monetizes all the content of their clients on YouTube. They are not wonly working with YouTubes content ID, but also developed their own content detection software so they can detect almost 99% of their creators content on YouTube. It goes through every single video and once the software finds a matching clip of its clients that has been copied or used without permission they will claim and monetize it for. It doesn't matter if it's a compilation of just a single uploaded video, TopRange will detect it and monetize it for its clients.

Doesn't YouTube Already Have A Copyright Tool?

YouTube's Content ID can only detect about two-thirds of all the videos whereas together with TopRanges contentment detection software they have a detection rate of about 99%

YouTube creates a sort of a digital fingerprint based on the audio and visuals of the original video that is posted so TopRange is able to track these fingerprints.

Relish In The Knowledge That Your Content Won't Be Misused

The mission of TopRange is to help the creators to protect their content on YouTube. It also helps them in maximizing the revenue of their videos.

The company helps them to earn extra monthly income without any extra effort after the creators claim their content on YouTube.

TopRange also takes care of all the monetization and copyright-related issues that rise for you and your content.

Why Is TopRangeA Better Option?

TopRangeaims to be the best Digital Rights Management Company on the market.

TopRange has been successful in paying more than $4 million to their creators.A lot of content creators do not have access to this information and some of those that do, do not know a platform through which they can make this possible and hence, TopRange brings you a perfect deal on a platter.

TopRange has had years of experience in this field and has helped creators make copyright claims, earn revenue and not get their content stolen by infringing copyright claims on YouTube since the year 2015.

Content creators have earned millions from TopRange's help because it helped them detect the content that channels were using without permission. One of TopRange's most attractive features is that all its employees understand why you and your content matters and hence, they give it their all to make sure that you do not get devoid of any money that is yours by right.

Violating the copyright-terms is not something that happens solely on YouTube. Content gets stolen and cross-uploaded on different platforms as well. TopRange detects the cross-uploading on various platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, etc, and monetizes the videos and you earn money through those copyright claims.

So TopRange helps you protect your content, make copyright claims, earn money through monetization, and even promotes your content. Now none of the other platforms do that, do they? So you know what is your best option then.

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