Tue, 21 Sep 2021

About the Future of Shadowlands

06 Sep 2021, 20:24 GMT+10

One Thing is Certain...

Despite the current situation in the company where the developers work and despite the absolute low population in the current version of the game, nothing is going to change in terms of how the game is going to progress from this point onward. Yes, it might have felt like we've seen the epic finale in the story with the Jailer, or at least a part of it, but that doesn't mean this was the last patch for the game. Believe it, there's going to be plenty more content and plenty of reasons to use Shadowlands carry services. That is a certainty.

While everyone has been fixated on the events hardly related to the game itself, some data has been found that contains information about the upcoming patch. So, here's what's known so far. Knowing how Blizzard likes to follow its own setup plan, we know that a big patch is followed by a small patch and on and on. So, this is the time for a small patch. However, if we look back at the previous expansion, we could remember that the same small patch that came out around the same time contained a lot of new content. It had the new raid, new allied races, updates to the holidays, and refreshed battlegrounds. With that said, what can we expect from the upcoming little patch? The most obvious thing to assume would be the Legion content Timewalking. There's also talk about the Mists of Pandaria raid. On top of that, Brawler's Guild might be returning too, with the new location being in Oribos. Of course, we can't forget about the story and quests. At this point, there's not even a point to speculate where the story will take us. Next, it'll probably be done in the style of the epilogue for the events that happened in the current patch. We might learn what happened to the characters after the final battle. Another quite likely possibility is the update to the Covenant activities and updates to battlegrounds in some shape or form. To more serious topics, the devs have an excellent opportunity to fix some stuff that needs to be fixed with the next patch. It could be further fixes and upgrades to the Threads of Fate. A system for leveling alt characters. It would also be nice to be able to level up in Torghast.

The New Content Will Come, But Are you Ready For It?

So, as it would appear, the new patch, no matter how small it will be in the grand scheme of things, will likely add lots of content and changes to play with. That means that players most certainly will need great Shadowlands boost services to help them along the way. Why is it important? Well, mainly, this is for players that do not have enough time to try out all of the content. Besides busy people, not enough gamers can admit that they struggle with specific content or activity. And that's absolutely a normal thing in video games. What Shadowlands character boost and other types of services can do for people that have hit a roadblock is help them overcome it. With the new patch, we'll all need friends.

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