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Top Websites to Buy and Sell Textbooks

27 Aug 2021, 21:24 GMT+10

One effective way to save money each semester is to sell your old books and buy older ones instead of buying new copies. Textbooks are one of the highest expenses, even though you only use them for a few months.

But with the ever-growing world of eCommerce, buying and selling textbooks online has become more convenient and straightforward. However, not all the sites are equal. And you don't want to waste your time selling books on a website you won't make any profit.

This guide will give you excellent and reputable sites when you can buy and sell your textbooks at a fair price. Let's begin.

Best Sites To Buy And Sell Your Books

  1. BookFinder

Don't be put off by the pretty outdated website layout. It's one of the most popular catalogs online for college books. BookFinder directly connects you to the original sellers, and they don't even take a cut for themselves.

The site is ideal for buying out-of-print, rare, or older book editions. You get sellers from BooksRun, Amazon, etc. And you can see which website offers the most money. Then, you click through to their link to sell your textbooks.

However, BookFinder doesn't seem to have numerous stores, so check first before you proceed.

  1. Bookbyte

Bookbyte is one of the oldest textbook sites to sell your used textbooks and buy new ones. The process is also quite simple: enter your book's ISBN, see how much Bookbyte is willing to pay, then accept or reject.

If you accept the price, you'll get a prepaid shipping label. Remember that you must ship your books within seven calendar days; otherwise, your offer becomes invalid. When your textbooks get to Bookbyte, you get paid through PayPal or check.

  1. BookDeal.com

One of the best places that make selling books online easy, hassle-free, and transparent is BookDeal.com. They make the entire process of selling books quite exciting. Just visit the site, type in your book's ISBN, and get offers from their extensive buyback vendors.

When you choose your quote, you ship your textbooks for free. BookDeal has a helpful feature called BookDeal Guarantee, which ensures that you get paid and paid for the agreed amount. This feature covers the timeliness and quantity of your payment.

If you get any issues, you report the problem. BookDeal investigates the situation and gets a response within a week.

  1. Student2Student

Most bookselling sites go through bookstores and booksellers, but Student2Student allows you to buy and sell directly to students.

If you sell on this website, you can sell your used textbooks to another student on your campus or area. That means you won't have to worry about shipping fees or long payouts.

However, it's advisable to meet the buyer in a public and safe location if you choose to sell on Student2Student.

  1. Cash4Books

Cash4Books works like other sites listed on this guide. What you do is type in your textbook's ISBN, get the offer, and print out a prepaid label, if you accept the offer. The company pays you through check or PayPal.

The site is excellent if you're focused on selling textbooks since they mostly take college books. That means two things: first, Cash4Books has lots of experience buying and selling textbooks. Second, they have numerous students that visit their sites for a reduced textbook price.

Secondly, if you plan on selling other books as well, you should consider other bookselling sites. However, remember that the company accepts textbooks published in 2016 or later. So if you have older books, try other sites on this list.

  1. Amazon

You've probably heard of Amazon as a place to purchase things. But you can sell your used textbooks on Amazon. Just visit their trade-in store and click on 'Books.' Then, type in your book's ISBN or the textbook's name.

You'll receive a few questions from Amazon about the book's condition. It's essential to answer the questions correctly because they'll check. And if your book doesn't meet up with the description you gave, the offer will be withdrawn. If accepted, you get your payment through an Amazon gift card.


Before you sell your textbooks, you should check several sources. First, it's essential to compare costs, especially if you want to manage your money. And with getting as much money back as possible from your used books, it's essential to learn the skill.

Also, you may have to sell your books at different bookstores and sites to get the most cash possible. And always remember that the more you wait, the books become outdated.

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