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Checklist when you are purchasing an used bike

26 Aug 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

When you are purchasing a bike it might turn out to be a herculean experience. Always opt for a reputed dealer who has a background when it comes to hero second hand bike in Delhi. Start things cold and the moment you walk up to a new bike what is going to be your reaction. The pride of ownership is reflected on the performance. Most of the riders would take care when it comes to the exterior of their bikes. Obviously you want things better and you have to take a closer look at things.

An overall experience

The clean bike is often a happy one. It is really important that the seller focuses on a high level of communication with you where they showcase all the bike details. You would be interested in restoration of a project and would be looking to diverge things. The key is to be aware on what is going to be cosmetically viable.

Clearly observe the bike in details. It would be easy to spot out a bike which is cleaned for sale and something which a person has maintained it well. Figure out the hard spots as there are some areas where dirt would accumulate. An enthusiast is going to observe things and observe the bike showroom. When a bike has crashed check out on the vintage points.


It is better if you check out the exhaust system first. Most of us would like to start a bike and want it to roar. For an initial inspection you want the bike to be cold as the warm engines are known to turn on easily. Make sure that the exhaust would be easily mounted. Such a system would obtain a lot of vibration when it comes to an engine. The places on the exhaust is not going to have a clear cut vision about the areas of corrosion which is dotted. Exhaust leaks are something that may come across, when you are starting a bike. So it is better that you listen to the carefully before you start the bike.


When you are checking the exhaust give a proper look to the frame. Observe closely since you may come across dents, scratches or marks. A hands on experience with the frame is essential. Mostly you might come across something that you might have not witnessed.

The steering stop on the neck of the brake has to be checked. It works out to be the metal stop which is going to prevent the hand rails from turning. If you figure out that there is excessive rust, you can understand that some form of crash has occurred.


When you are sitting on the bike, ensure that you are taking it out of the gear and roll it forward. The lever of the brake would operate smoothly and it is going to witness no form of noise from the brakes. You may release the lever of the brake as they need to return back to its original position. If it is going to drag it means there is extra work necessary. When you are braking at a speed you should not feel any form of pushing which is going to indicate a bent motor.

Tires and wheels

A smooth form of wear and tear is obvious as there is no need to worry. If there is severe amount of damage at the centre it may mean burn outs. Not only it is good or the tire but causes a lot of damage to the engine. If there is excessive amount of skidding on the tire it may cause flat spots.

On the outer wall of the tires check out the 4 digit number. The first couple of years would indicate the week where it was manufactured and the rest two the year. Even if the tires are in good condition a suggestion is to replace the tires within 6 years. Check out the wheels for the dents. You have to check it from both ends to have an idea on how the wheels would replicate. Such a same stance can be done with a front wheel and you need to place it kick stand. Here you may require the help of another person to make the task an easy one.

Fuel tank

When you are purchasing used hero bikes in Delhi open the fuel tank and see what is inside. Make sure that you are carrying a flash light with you. It is possible to observe things . if you feel that the fuel is dark you have to replace it at the earliest. The colour of the fuel is an indicator whether it is going to require any form of replacement or not.

Even when you are inspecting the tank check out if there is any sediment on the tank. If you are not seeing the sediment just rock it side by side to understand as you could witness a wave motion. Any form of sediment as it is going to shift from side to side. If you find that the tank is full there is no point to overdo things. There has to be ample amount of fuel in the tank.

Some of the fuel tanks could have a coating of rust on them to prevent any form of rust. In such cases you might come across a shiny lever surface which would be a lot more than a silky milky surface.

To conclude make sure that you are running the bike over and over again to make sure it is in the best of running condition. It all depends upon the bike since you could have an electronic choke. If it is manual check out on how to alter the setting. An electric setting would also suggest the use of the same. Once the engine starts it would return back to the original condition. Once again it depends upon the colour of the smoke as it could mean trouble.

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