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The Guide To Design The Display Boxes

25 Aug 2021, 20:24 GMT+10

When you have the products displayed for the customers, it's pretty obvious that you want them to catch the consumers' attention and motivate them to buy the products. However, with ever-increasing competition and customers having access to thousands of similar products, it's not convenient to develop branding material that can captivate the audience's attention for days.

But hey, no one ever said that catching the audience's eye is impossible because all you need is the right design the creative utilization of display boxes. For those who are clueless, display boxes are known as counter display boxes which as flattened and pre-glued just like folding cartons. This is because all you need to do pop the box and it will be assembled with perfection.

If we look at the literal meaning, the display boxes are displayed on the shelf or store for showcasing the brand as well as the product information. Not to forget, it can provide a look at the products without customers touching them. So, if you are enticed to use the display boxes, even more, we are sharing the tips to design the high-end display boxes for getting ahead of the competitors!

Style That Aligns With Product & Brand

When we are talking about packaging, more creativity is always welcomed and can deliver an improved outcome. That being said, it's essential to choose the display box that suits the product and brand style. There are already multiple brands working in your niche and industry, so it's best to look at them, take inspiration, and innovate them to create new designs.

For innovating the box design, you need to consider what will be put inside the display box other than the designs, patterns, logo, and colors. All these points matter because they must be modified to catch the customers' eye but you cannot possibly trespass on the size. For this purpose, it's better that you stack the products in a vertical form because it puts the packaging closer to the consumers' eyes.

Inserts Are Sophisticated

There are always some brands that demand sophistication in design and packaging. This is because how the products are displayed inside the display boxes is equally important as exterior design. For instance, if your products are displayed in a haphazard manner, the audience will be put off because it takes away from box design and branding.

During such instances, you can opt for inserts because they can help keep the products in place and ensure the product display in an extremely sophisticated manner. Moreover, the brands can opt for custom inserts to ensure easier transportation of the packaging from one retail facility to another. In addition, when you use inserts, the packaging will be simplified.

Great For Introducing New Products

If your brand has designed new products and wants the clients or audience to test them out, you can opt for testers and samples. This is because the samples and testers allow the audience to gain a sense of and effectiveness of new products before they buy a full product. In addition, the brands can determine the popularity of the products.

That being said, the brands can use display boxes for offering samples to the target audience. This is because these boxes can be placed at the checkout counters for improving the chances of impulsive purchases for the customers. Not to forget, the display boxes placed on the checkout counters are the first thing that customers see when they walk into the shop.


There has always been a notion that display boxes can be used for nutrition bars and cosmetics but it's not the right approach. Sure, they are mostly used for such products but you can get creative with what products you can insert and display through the display boxes. For instance, you can use the display boxes for displaying the classic milk bottles and LED lighting, how versatile!

In addition, the display boxes can be used for displaying feminine care products, cookies, books, samples, small electronic products, and batteries. Keep in mind that the entire point of using display boxes is to show off the products and make them appear attractive. Also, for gripping modern customers, just use eco-friendly boxes because the modern customer wants nothing more!

What Must The Display Boxes Be?

When it comes down to buying the display boxes, there are certain things that brands need to keep in. This is because there are some must-haves in the display boxes which include the following;

Reusable Design

While choosing the display boxes, the design will only become successful if it's reusable. We mean that display boxes must be used in other ways. For example, if you are getting the display boxes for chocolates, design them in a way that they can be used as a game. This is a point to consider because reusable designs promise double benefits and that attracts the customers.


While you are designing the packaging material, you must keep in mind that packaging must reflect the usage. This is because if there is no correlation between the product and package, the customers won't be attracted. For instance, you cannot pack ketchup in a thin glass bottle because it's not sturdy, and your customers won't like it.

Event Promotion

In case you are designing the display boxes for a new product, you obviously have a promotion event in mind, and packaging material is an important consideration. This is because the right display box with a rightful design can attract customers and help promote the brand and products.

Be The Rule-Breaker

For designing the display boxes, the brands have to think outside the box and be creative. This is because the current customer base isn't about the traditional and conventional designs. There must be no creativity limitations because if you want uniqueness, you cannot let go of creativity. That being said, if you want to get the display boxes designed for your brand, get in touch with WeCustomBoxes because they have some amazing ideas available for every industry and niche!

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