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How to optimize your Magento website?

20 Aug 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

Do you wonder why your eCommerce website or platform is not experiencing better conversion rates? It might be you're investing in the wrong element! Boosting the Magento store's speed can be one such solution to deal with this issue.

Magento store's performance is of paramount importance and can convert your potential buyers into permanent customers! As a developer, you must understand and know your audience's struggle if your site speed is slow and sluggish.

Magento website's performance, speed, and accuracy in delivering the webpages customers have asked for; have a direct impact on the traffic landing at the site! But the Magento website is considered a high-end platform in this eCommerce business which needs the firm attributes or elements for an optimized configuration. Let's delve into further details to know more about how to optimize your Magento website to increase the reach and boost engagement with minimal efforts.

Important Tips for Magento Website/Store Optimization:

The developers are responsible for the site's speed optimization and maintaining the Magento performance. But they need to put ample effort into practices to make a Magento project successful. You can look into the Magento speed optimization by Elogic as well!

1. Right, Magneto Hosting- Need of the Hour!

The first thing a Magento developer must keep in mind is choosing the right Magento hosting! To make sure a Magento store or platform responds faster to the consumer's clicks and load better, consider selecting a steadfast hosting platform. You can shift towards cloud hosting platforms to simplify the hosting problems and have a better Magento cloud hosting experience.

2. Newer Version for Magento

Magneto is a platform that does not let the users sit with an older version and focuses entirely on the platform's security updates. Therefore, all you need to boost your Magento performance and reach is to keep the element updated. For example, if you're under Magento 1, we'd highly endorse you to move towards Magento 2 immediately for better overall performance.

3. Built-In cache- Skip for Optimization

Are you looking for a way to enhance the engagement of your Magento store or have an extraordinary outreach? Skipping a built-in cache will work for you! If you're using the Magento 1.x versions, you might need to install the specialized software or elements to run Varnish! Such software includes the Phoenix or Turpentine to use the Varnish, which has a direct impact on the Magento store. But if you're already updated to the Magento 2.0, you can enjoy the built-in Varnish to boost the speed up to 2X. Are you looking for Magento development tips? Click on the link!

4. Indexers need an Update

Outdated Indexers will not be able to tackle the bulk data on your Magento store. This way, a developer needs to reduce the loading time of the Magento site or store for a more user-friendly experience for your guest and permanent buyers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep the indexers updated. However, a developer might be asked to update the elements manually from the store portal.

  • You can turn off the third-party extensions or clear the cache for better optimization.
  • Test all the CMS pages regularly! For example, keep an eye on the loading speeds of the homepage, category page, product pages, and cart page as well to provide users with a better site loading speed.
  • You can enable the Magento Flat Catalogue, which reduces the amount of "spilled data" and ultimately serves you with an optimized Magento website.

5. Magento Website Optimization Extensions

Here's a list of extensions for Magento Optimization that let you serve your customers with a faster site loading and an improved buying/selling experience. You can opt for Fastly CDN, Cron Scheduler, and Image optimizer that let you track the cron jobs and optimize the Magento website.


Fastly CDN

  • Uses surrogate key
  • Manage the flash sales

Cron Scheduler

  • Track the jobs
  • Optimize the cron job

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