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COD Modern Warfare: 6 Tips to Ace the Play

19 Aug 2021, 05:24 GMT+10

The Call of Duty video game series is a franchise that openly welcomes tactical, strategic, and ruthless gaming along with vigorous bloodbath. And while the sales of COD had fluctuated for quite a while, the release of Modern Warfare made them stand steady.

A world-saving task must be completed while battling for life, dodging the attacks, killing the enemies, and being the last man standing as the corpses lie dead. The varied gameplay and brilliant display of overpowering weapons have been associated with the gaming fandom's addicting factor of COD modern warfare.

Are you a part of the gaming fandom of COD Modern Warfare and looking for some tips to make your way through like a rattlesnake in the game? Here are 6 tips and tricks for your aid!

Camping Solutions

Camping means the practice of staying at a hidden corner and waiting for an enemy to pass by so you can attack.

You can use camping because modern warfare maps provide several places to act as appropriate hiding spots. But, do not stay long at one camping spot because players can track you and kill you.

Also, if you are the one passing by, observe at which spot most passerby players are getting killed; that will be the hiding spot of the enemy. Throwing a grenade or smoke will kill any threat or give you the cover to shoot and run.


Modern Warfare provides the highest liberty of getting the weapons customized. Every level you reach, a new weapon awaits you. Equip yourself with as many varieties of weapons as you can because adversities that might rise remain uncertain.

Your best bet for customization is the load-outs. Edit it whenever possible and choose the weapon that facilitates both your movement and strategy.

Constant Communication

Teammates and multiplayer games are designed for being with the team members. Therefore, in your haste to run for the kill and win, do not ignore the calls of team members. Mostly, players get separated from their team and run wild, which is risky because many teams target the lone members to kill.

Also, please pay attention to the conversation of the team members because frequently, they can spot the nearby danger when you cannot and alert you and vice versa.

Setting Alterations

Doing alterations with the settings might not be the winning factor for your game, but they do uplift playing quality.

Increase the resolution and reduce the lagging time as it will provide a graphically clearer picture of the happenings in the game. Raise the bar of sensitivity; your eyes cannot be the only senses to track the enemy movements. You also need speed to move around.

Make changes in the aim assist, a setting used for providing the aiming feature of a weapon, according to the stand taken by you.

Cautious Movements

Do not forget that as you are vigilant, the enemy is too. Be aware of any slight changes around. Look out for any secret hiding spots and keep weapons like grenades handy to throw in case you need a cover to run. Know that the doors and windows can have wary eyes looking at you with pointed guns.

Watch out for your back while running and use the advantage of the new aim feature allowing the player to reload while aiming.

Campaign Mode

Campaign mode can be the learning platform for many players. The plotline and path that follows will teach you several core techniques which can be used in other game modes.

The mode will teach you to look out for the paths in the map, be aware of checking every nook and cranny, and not be hell-bent solely on kills by learning to be patient while having enemy encounters.

It is tempting to win on your own because the hard-earned taste of victory is like no other. However, the long trail to get the win might exhaust and break your spirits, given the pool of pro players hustling bustling in the lobby. Therefore, why not use modern warfare cheats and hacks, like aimbot and wallhack, to help you emerge as a winner throughout the game.

Worried to get caught hacking? Fret not because the HWID spoofer will keep you safe from bans!

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